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Productsup acquires World of Content to power frictionless commerce experiences

Productsup acquires World of Content to power frictionless commerce experiences

Productsup, a leading product-to-consumer (P2C) software company, today announced its acquisition of World of Content, a rapidly-emerging product experience management provider. By adding World of Content’s innovative product content syndication (PCS) capabilities, seamless vendor-retailer collaboration, and full GDSN support to its P2C platform, Productsup strengthens its position as the only global, scalable solution equipped to bring high-quality product information to consumers and power frictionless commerce experiences. 

“In a fast-changing market, World of Content’s accelerated growth is extremely impressive,” said Vincent Peters, CEO at Productsup. “Combining their talent and high-performing software with our existing PCS capabilities provides companies with a unique commerce solution that can further improve channel performance, expand market reach, and maximize global sales. This acquisition better positions both of our customers to deliver on their P2C strategy and overcome commerce anarchy.”

The availability, quality, and consistency of product information have become one of the most significant factors in today’s purchasing decisions. According to Productsup’s Commerce shortfall report, one of the top factors that would entice consumers to shop with a different brand or retailer is having more information about their products. 

World of Content brings advanced product content syndication capabilities and in-depth knowledge to the Productsup P2C platform. The company’s distinctive features include smart content recognition and segmentation, and the platform is trusted by the world’s largest brands and retailers, like AB InBev, Beiersdorf, GlaxoSmithKline (GSK), and L’Oréal. 

The acquisition benefits Productsup and World of Content customers, partners, and other stakeholders, in the following ways:  

·  Enhanced product data delivery: Productsup gains GS1 Global Data Synchronization Network (GDSN) support, which ensures companies their product information is shared efficiently and securely between trading partners according to local and global standards. 

·  Expanded global footprint: The combined market presence stretches Productsup’s reach further across Europe, North America, and ANZ and creates new business opportunities in other regions.

·  Increased resources: World of Content’s team will be fully integrated with Productsup, providing additional talent and knowledge bases to support customers and research and development.

·  Verticalized expertise: Leveraging their combined experience, the companies will expand their service to new sectors, such as fast-moving consumer goods, beauty, OTC drugs, consumer electronics, and industrial.

·  Seamless collaboration: Communication and collaboration between brands and retailers will be able to take place within the Productsup platform.

“I’m proud of what we built and how fast we’ve grown at World of Content, and I’m fully confident that joining Productsup is our best move forward,” said Koen Looijmans, Founder and CEO at World of Content. “Our companies share the same vision for bringing order to the commerce space by helping companies gain back control over their brand presence, so combining forces allows us to continue delivering on that promise as a united front.”

This deal follows Productsup’s Series B funding round for more than $70 million (€65 million) led by Bregal Milestone and Nordwind Capital. The remaining funds will be used to focus on product development and pursue additional merger and acquisition opportunities. Positioned well for growth, Productsup currently boasts a gross revenue retention rate above 90% and a net revenue retention rate above 120%. World of Content grew its ARR by nearly 300% in the last 12 months, and 92% of its generated business is recurring revenues.

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