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In this unprecedented era of unexpected events and relentless uncertainties, the ICEBERG Fall/Winter 2022 men’s collection shares a contemporary and clean vision of positivity: a journey with a new sense of optimism. Items inspired by iconic comic character, Popeye the Sailorman, include a wide range of stylish products including jackets, tops and pants.

The ICEBERG men’s collection captures the rugged and intrepid lifestyle of explorers and survivalists, featuring Popeye-inspired, nautical themed designs throughout the line. The spinach-eating sailor and clean ocean advocate’s strong values embody the spirit of the collection and are an integral part of the garments’ concepts.

“Popeye, Olive Oyl and ICEBERG have a long tradition of collaboration and a strong fellowship which started more than 30 years ago,” said Grazia Bussandri of Premium Licensing, Popeye’s Italian agent who brokered the deal with ICEBERG. “Their garments have always been fresh, innovative and inspiring but, the FW22 designs have extra oomph. The graphics have been carefully constructed, interweaving the collection’s theme with Popeye’s brand philosophy. And the message is a powerful one: strength, resilience confidence and freedom to be yourself are so integral to Popeye’s identity.”

“Partnering with ICEBERG is always a first-in-class experience,” said Carla Silva, VP/GM, Global Head of Licensing, King Features. “Their innovative work never disappoints and they really understand the Popeye brand. “The FW22 designs are refreshing and inspiring, and we’re proud to have Popeye join their mission to fashionably spread optimism, and we can’t wait to unveil the Olive Oyl designs later this spring.”

ICEBERG will soon reveal a new set of fashion pieces inspired by one of illustration’s most iconic female characters, Olive Oyl, a woman who is dynamic, relatable and real.  Strong, confident and fearlessly female, Olive’s fashionable appeal and sense of humor are sure to shine in ICEBERG’s new women’s FW 2022 collection that features tops, dresses, jackets and pants in the brand’s signature, bold, sportswear style.

The full men’s and women’s ready-to-wear and accessories collections in the ICEBERG FW22/23 line will be available at top retailers around the world’s starting August 2022.

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