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Polly Pocket coming soon to Netflix

Polly Pocket coming soon to Netflix

The first batch of 13, 11-minute episodes will premiere on March 25, followed by an additional 13 episodes rolling out later this year. Maura

Season Five Overview:
Season five follows Polly Pocket and her pals as they unlock their new pocket powers as they explore exciting new worlds. From Shani’s ability to talk to animals to Lila’s power to transform, they’ll discover surprises around every corner. It’s a Polly party full of new friends, adorable animals, and big surprises!

After her Sparkle Cove Adventure, Polly Pocket will share the “pockite” she wins with her friends and family – giving them magic powers of their own. Shani’s translation pockite lets her communicate with anyone – even animals! And Lila can transform into anything from a hummingbird to a famous fashion designer! With new powers, Polly and her friends’ tiny adventures are extra mighty. And with their own “pockite” to master, Shani and Lila will have the opportunity to lead the friends on all-new discoveries.

Polly and her friends will find there’s lots to discover. Turns out, Littleton is filled with fantastical worlds – all hidden in plain sight. Thanks to Polly’s new Pocket Vision, she can uncover hidden doors and sparkling portals to surprising new lands. From a world of adorable dust bunnies in her laundry room, to a land of tiny chocolatiers in a vending machine – Polly finds these wondrous worlds in the most unexpected places around town. With so much more to explore, Polly and her pals will become closer than ever before as they inspire each other and viewers alike to be capable, courageous, and tenacious.

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