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PEZ Partners With Quidd To Launch Historic NFT Collection

PEZ Partners With Quidd To Launch Historic NFT Collection

In a pioneering collaboration that merges the classic charm of PEZ with cutting-edge technology, the iconic candy company is excited to announce its partnership with Quidd, the leading digital collectibles and NFT marketplace. Together, they are set to release PEZ’s first-ever Non-Fungible Token (NFT) collection, marking a significant stride into the digital era of collectibles. Quidd joins a carefully selected group of best in class partners to expand the beloved PEZ brand into new product categories. PEZ and Quidd were brought together by PEZ’s Licensing Agency, Lisa Marks Associates (LMA).

Since its inception in the 1920s, PEZ has been a household name, captivating generations with its colorful, whimsical, and interactive candy dispensers. Now, in 2023, the brand is breaking new ground by introducing a limited edition series of NFTs, showcasing digital artwork inspired by its most iconic dispensers and candies.

Quidd, a trailblazer in the digital collectibles and NFT space, is the chosen platform for the release of PEZ’s upcoming digital collections. The partnership ensures a seamless, secure, and accessible experience, leveraging Quidd’s proprietary “mintables” technology to ensure collectors of all backgrounds can start building their PEZ collections without the need to spend a lot of money or use a crypto wallet, cryptocurrency, or even a credit card.

“We are thrilled to partner with Quidd for the launch of our first NFT collection,” said Christian Jegen, President of PEZ Candy Inc. “Quidd’s reputation as a leader in the digital collectibles space aligns perfectly with our vision for this venture. Together, we aim to create a unique and memorable experience for PEZ enthusiasts and digital collectors alike.”

“This is a truly historic collaboration,” said Lisa Marks, President of LMA, Inc. “PEZ and Quidd will provide a whole new platform that will capture the imagination of collectors everywhere and will allow fans of pop culture to collect PEZ in an exciting new way.”

The inaugural PEZ NFT collection, hosted on the Quidd platform, will feature a curated selection of digital PEZ dispensers, just in time for the upcoming holiday season. Each digital collectible is a one-of-a-kind digital item that can be minted by collectors to the Ethereum blockchain and accessed via their self-custodying MetaMask wallet, empowering collectors to mint if they want, when they want. All minted NFTs will be verifiable on the blockchain, ensuring authenticity, scarcity, and interoperability for collectors.

The first sale kicks off on Wednesday, December 20 at 5pm ET, available while supplies last.  Collectors will have a limited time to open mystery boxes to secure their favorite digital PEZ dispensers, including Santa Claus, the #1 selling PEZ of all time, with the assurance of Quidd’s trusted technology and user-friendly interface. 

To celebrate this momentous collaboration, PEZ and Quidd will be hosting virtual events, engaging fans on social media, and providing behind-the-scenes content through the run-up to the drop.

“We’re excited to partner with PEZ and bring their iconic dispensers to the Quidd platform as mintable NFTs,” said Michael Bramlage, CEO at Quidd. “This collaboration will trace the history of PEZ, reviving nostalgic memories and shining a light on the hidden gems from PEZ’s nearly 100 year old back catalog. It will further demonstrate the unique capabilities of mintable NFTs as a fast, fun, and affordable way to collect that is complementary to physical collecting.”

PEZ and Quidd invite fans and collectors to join them on this groundbreaking journey where tradition meets innovation, and the joy of collecting takes on a whole new digital dimension.

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