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Norway’s Little Grey Fergie heads to the UK

Norway’s Little Grey Fergie heads to the UK

Little Grey Fergie, the famous tractor, has now established residency in the UK, at Tatton Park’s rare breed working farm. After over 25 years of activity in Norway, several television series and movies, and 10 years of work in England, with tours in 2015, 2016 and 2017 as well as filming in 2019, Farmyard Stories Ltd which owns the concept Little Grey Fergie – has signed a collaboration agreement with Tatton Park. bRAND-WARD, the international brand development consultancy, works with Farmyard Stories Ltd. 

The site, located in Cheshire, is managed, and financed by Cheshire East Council on behalf of the National Trust. It offers a large annual children’s learning programme as well as a fascinating Field to Fork story at the farm educating families around farming life, and demonstrating how food can sustainably go from ‘field to fork’. Little Grey Fergie will be included as part of farm-oriented work towards children/schools as well as entertainment via shows and performances also involving his friends: Clunky, Gramps, Daisy, and Farmer George. 

Little Grey Fergie launched on NRK, Norway’s public television, in 1998. Since then, it became a YouTube sensation viewed over 600 million times and a classic property in its home market, with a dedicated theme park, Fergieland at Kongeparken, numerous live shows, books, and merchandise. 

TV2, Norway’s commercial broadcaster, is celebrating Fergie’s 25th anniversary this year, airing several Fergie movies since April. 

Little Grey Fergie is a Ferguson TE20 out of the 1950’s. Farmer George and Daisy don’t know that he is alive. Fergie has a big heart and secretly helps out on the farm, setting him and his friends on many adventures and a lot of fun. 

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