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My Pet Hooligan Launches Licensing Program with The Brand Liaison 

My Pet Hooligan Launches Licensing Program with The Brand Liaison 

AMGI Studios, the animation and gaming powerhouse behind one of the most hotly anticipated game releases for 2023, My Pet Hooligan, has signed an agreement with The Brand Liaison to build out a multi-year, multi-channel licensing program. 

The My Pet Hooligan IP features seven factions of battling bunny rabbits, loaded up with paintball guns, flamethrowers and other havoc-wreaking munitions as they seek revenge on their evil corporate overlord, the mysterious Meta ZuckBot. Think Grand Theft Auto (GTA) meets Ratchet and Clank in the style of Zootopia — only slightly more insane.  

Building on the success of the My Pet Hooligan digital collectible launch and the upcoming free to play video game, licensing will range from apparel and accessories to action figures, trading cards and other collectables for players and fans of the My Pet Hooligan series. 

“With so much storytelling going into each character and their chosen factions, we immediately saw the value of this brand to potential licensing partners,” said Steven Heller, President and Founder of The Brand Liaison. “The opportunities are basically limitless for creative product extensions and promotional activities while staying true to the ethos of the My Pet Hooligan brand. When you understand the background of the team at AMGI Studios cutting their teeth with organizations like Pixar, Warner Bros., and EA, you quickly understand that the characters of My Pet Hooligan have been designed and developed in such a way that they can connect with fans of all ages across the globe.”

Led by Chief Creative Officer Colin Brady, the creative team at AMGI Studios come from the world of entertainment and storytelling, having received their training from studios such as Pixar, Disney and Industrial Light & Magic (ILM). As a director, creative producer and animation supervisor, Brady himself has worked at Pixar, ILM, Imagi Studios, Rhythm and Hues, Pixomondo, and Light Chaser, and directed animation for Steven Spielberg, George Lucas, Ang Lee, John Lasseter and Martin Scorsese. He is credited in films such as “Everyone’s Hero,” “Astro Boy,” “TMNT” and “Toy Story 2.” 

Whether he’s directing Pixar characters or furthering performance capture techniques, Brady’s passion is fine-crafting narrative, dialogue, humor and nonverbal acting — creating great stories through the art of animation. “The core team at AMGI came together after many years of experience in the entertainment industry in Hollywood, so we have a shared love of character development and storytelling,” said Brady. “We developed the My Pet Hooligan story and lore as the core value of the brand so it would have the flexibility to evolve over time to best suit our audience.”

AMGI Studios achieves the immersive quality of My Pet Hooligan’s rich virtual world through the use of the industry-standard real-time 3D creation software, Unreal Engine, and the studio’s own proprietary suite of animation tools. These technologies also allow the game to integrate character content from partner projects in record time. 

The very first iteration of the My Pet Hooligan brand is a free-to-play game with multiple game modes including player-versus-player (PvP), battle royale and survival mode. There are 8,888 individual Hooligans belonging to one of the seven factions, each with their own style and characteristics. The initial 8,888 digital collectible characters sold out in 30 seconds. Since then, the My Pet Hooligan collection has seen over $50 million worth of secondary trading online. While the collectible characters are deployed as non-fungible tokens, there is no need for a crypto wallet to access or play the game. The free-to-play game is launching on PC in mid-July on a major gaming platform with over 300 million active users, with Xbox and PlayStation launches coming soon.

The licensing program to be overseen by The Brand Liaison extends the My Pet Hooligan IP into all aspects of fans’ lives. The Brand Liaison has already highlighted that the apparel, trading cards and toys are the obvious extension, but according to the AMGI team, no licensing deal or promotional activity is too crazy to be considered for the My Pet Hooligan brand.

Roger Paglia, CEO of AMGI Studios, emphasized the significance of partnering with a team that is willing and able to take such a brand to the next level. “The My Pet Hooligan IP is unique, fun and a little crazy. It was important for us to find a partner who not only understands our vision for the brand but also has the creativity to see opportunities for a potential licensing partner as well. Few in the industry are better placed than The Brand Liaison to take the My Pet Hooligan characters to the masses.”

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