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Moose Toys Unwraps Three Toys Ahead of the 2020 Holiday Season

Moose Toys Unwraps Three Toys Ahead of the 2020 Holiday Season

Ahead of the 2020 holiday season, Moose Toys, has unveiled a trio of new toys: in youth electronics, Squeakee the Balloon Dog and Gotta Go Flamingo, and new fashion doll line FailFix. The lineup is designed for kids of all ages.

“Every holiday, we push the limits of what’s possible to make kids superhappy. A funny, interactive balloon dog coming to life, a pooping flamingo with a signature song, and dolls that arrive messy for kids to make over is eclectic, unexpected and, most of all, irreverent fun!” said Paul Solomon, co-owner, Moose Toys. “Squeakee, Gotta Go Flamingo and FailFix showcase Moose’s ability to stay ahead of the innovation and design curve and deliver what kids are looking for this holiday.”

Already touted as Toy of the Year, Squeakee is an interactive pet that’s part robot dog, part balloon dog and 100% your new best friend. Bursting with personality, Squeakee has more than 60 sounds and movements, barking, walking, sitting and scooting just like a real dog. Additionally, Squeakee has multiple touch sensors that allow you to “pop” and “reinflate” him with a pin or take delight in his reaction to a belly rub. Squeakee listens and responds to voice commands, a skill that comes in handy when he accidentally “pees” on the floor via a yellow light. Squeakee is the most popular pup to unwrap this year and serves up laughs and hours of play for both kids and parents.

In addition to Squeakee, Moose Toys continues to dominate the youth electronics aisle with the debut of Gotta Go Flamingo. Sherbert is an interactive, potty-trained flamingo who loves to sing, dance, chat back, eat and poop in a special toilet. Simply feed Sherbert his magical flamingo food and watch his neck wiggle as he gobbles it down. You know when it’s time for Sherbert to go because he sings a signature “Uh Oh, Gotta Go!” jingle and poops into the bowl. Gotta Go Flamingo features hilarious movements, sounds and reactions and fosters repeat play so you can “do-do” it all over again once he is done. Gotta Go Flamingo has already been named one of the top 12 toys for Christmas 2020 by leading U.K. retailer Argos, and global production is at full capacity due to high demand.

Finally, Moose Toys finds the funny in makeover mishaps with its new fashion doll, FailFix. Inspired by the beauty fails that first rose to popularity on social media, FailFix offers a relatable and lighthearted outlook on fashion with a transformative concept that brings freshness to the doll aisle.

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