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Milano Licensing Day has been confirmed to take place on September 15th – one of the first licensing events that will take place following the pandemic.

Milano Licensing Day’s format comprises business networking, screening, pitch sessions and special events. Held at the NHow Congress Center in Milan in the heart of the fashion and design district, last year’s event attracted an audience of 670 attendees with 80% licensees and buyers.

For this year, exhibitors confirmed to date include Boing Turner, CPLG Wildbrain, ETS, Hasbro, Lega del Filo d’Oro, Mondo TV, Panini, Rai Com, Rainbow, Planeta Junior, Starbright, Toei Animation, Viacom Paramount and WWF Italia with further companies in the pipeline.

The day starts with a welcome breakfast with ETS and continues with a Viacom lunch and a Hasbro cake party. Pitch sessions will take place hosted by ETS, Rainbow, Rai Com, Viacom, Planeta Junior, Monto TV and Hasbro.

Special features include a Kids Marketing Day talk with Doxa and Promotion Magazine and a live broadcast press event with Assogiocattoli on the state of the licensed toy market.

According to organiser, Paolo Lucci, the event has been prepared with maximum security “We have face masks and sanitizing gel for all attendees as well as a QR coded check-in system, as well as temperature scans and self-manned catering pods,” he explained. “Many of these requirements may no longer be necessary in September but we want to be prepared according to the current restrictions.”

For more information, contact Paolo Lucci – or visit

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