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McDonald’s and adidas Add Flavour to the Game with the Sauce Pack

McDonald’s and adidas Add Flavour to the Game with the Sauce Pack

adidas and McDonald’s have teamed to introduce the “Sauce Pack.”

When you come across a hooper with a unique aura and style of play, we say they have sauce. It’s every player’s goal to develop their own game and have their own sauce on the court. James Harden, Damian Lillard and Tracy McGrady all have sauce! They bring their own flavor to the game and have redefined how basketball can be played for the next generation. With a modern and unexpected interpretation that stays true to each brand’s heritage, adidas and McDonald’s introduce the “Sauce Pack.” The collection features the Harden Vol. 4, Dame 6 and TMAC 1 alongside a set of graphic tees.

  • HARDEN VOL. 4: A go-to item on McDonald’s menu is the sauce. Each flavor features various ingredients on the lid and with our footwear, it’s no different. A purple and orange colorway that pulls inspiration from the garlic chili sauce packaging features the ingredients: a step back, deep 3 ball, crazy handles and the beard.
  • DAME 6: A hooper that has bars. He’s loyal to the community and a killer on the court. This sweet ‘n sour edition of the Dame 6 highlights the duality of Damian Lillard’s game. Blending his on and off court personalities, the Dame 6 is designed to resemble the classic dipping sauce packaging and features a green upper with orange accents. Key ingredients include: the clutch gene, wrist-tap, layup package and deep 3 ball.
  • TMAC 1: Featuring a metallic gold upper and red details with the golden arches displayed on the outsole, the TMAC 1 pays tribute to the iconic Big Mac sauce. Ingredients include the fade away jumper, deep 3 ball and post-game.

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