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Licensing Link appointed Licensing Agent for for the Jonah Lomu estate

Licensing Link appointed Licensing Agent for for the Jonah Lomu estate

Licensing Link Europe Limited, a leading strategic agency specializing in brand extension and licensing, is delighted to be associated with the JONAH LOMU Estate. The appointment honours the legacy of the world’s first iconic rugby player, Jonah Lomu.

Jonah Lomu burst onto the rugby scene at the 1995 Rugby World Cup in South Africa, leaving an indelible mark on the sport. Standing at an imposing 6ft 4in and weighing in at 18kg, Lomu was a force of nature. His fame coincided with rugby’s transition to the professional era, captivating fans on every continent. With a time of 10.70 seconds over 100 metres, his combination of size, strength and speed revolutionised the game.

Lomu’s impact extended far beyond the rugby pitch. His talent transcended borders, inspiring millions of people around the world. Despite battling nephrotic syndrome – a serious kidney disease – throughout his career, Lomu continued to redefine the game. His resilience, power and grace have made him a true sporting legend.

Licensing Link Europe Limited has been awarded the licensing rights to the LOMU JONAH 11 Brand. Working closely with Thierry Devonin of France-based OBLL, Licensing Link Europe will offer a comprehensive licensing and collaboration programme. With the full support of the estate through Nadène Lomu and her two sons brayley Lomu and dhyreille Lomu, ensures that this partnership will honour Lomu’s memory in the most fitting way.

In addition, Thierry Devonin and Nadène Lomu have granted a five-year textile license to French rugby legend Sébastien Chabal, who is launching a wide range of clothing in over 300 retail outlets in France.

The Licensing Link team is actively exploring various categories to celebrate Jonah Lomu’s legacy, including apparel and sports equipment. Retro gear partners from Lomu’s playing days will create authentic products for fans. Technology: Innovative products inspired by Lomu’s spirit and determination. Nutrition: Health and wellness offerings that echo Lomu’s commitment to excellence. Travel: Experiences that evoke the emotion of the game and the global impact of Lomu.

“As co-directors of Licensing Link Europe, we are honoured to have secured the rights to develop a licensing programme for the world’s most iconic rugby player. We both share a passion for rugby and this partnership is particularly significant as we approach the tenth anniversary of Jonah Lomu’s death in 2025. Now, more than ever, is the right time to develop initiatives that honour his extraordinary memory,” said Ian Wickham & Chris Taday, Co-Founders and Directors Licensing Link Europe Limited.

“From the first kick-off meeting, it was abundantly clear to us that Licensing Link understood our brand and shared our commitment to honouring Jonah Lomu’s legacy.  Together, we aim to build on his remarkable contribution to sport and create new chapters in the Lomu story,” added Thierry Devonin, Licensing Director OBLL

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