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Legends of Learning Launches Educational Games with Rube Goldberg

Legends of Learning Launches Educational Games with Rube Goldberg</strong>

Two legends, Rube Goldberg and Legends of Learning have come together to create a collection of engaging learning games based on the educational principles of Rube Goldberg Machines. 

Brokered by Brand Central, Rube Goldberg’s exclusive licensing agency, Legends of Learning and Rube Goldberg have partnered to create games that will help students learn about STEM, kinetic energy, and simple machines in a new and engaging way.

With thousands of fun, curriculum-aligned math and science games, the Legends of Learning educational platform helps teachers make the classroom a fun and productive learning environment through research driven curriculum-based games.

“Rube Goldberg is now officially part of the digital age. With more than 1B searches for

#rubegoldberg, the brand has become more and more relevant to Gen Z. Our digital

contests with NASEF and Minecraft, and our transition in 2020 to Online for the annual Rube

Goldberg Machine Contest®, set the stage for our partnership with Legends of

Learning.  This is the next step for us in achieving our goal to make learning fun, interactive,

and Rubified”, said Jennifer George, Chief Creative Officer at The Rube Goldberg Institute.

“Millions of students rely on the Legends of Learning game platform in their classrooms and homes to learn Math and Science topics through engaging play. By partnering with Rube Goldberg, we’re aiming to provide our game studios with resources from another trusted and legendary educational brand that will make our games even more fun for our players”, said Vadim Polikov, CEO at Legends of Learning.

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