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Kidscreen: Nelvana’s Mellany Welsh Sits down for an Interview with Total Licensing

Kidscreen: Nelvana’s Mellany Welsh Sits down for an Interview with Total Licensing

Mellany Welsh, Vice President and Head of Nelvana, is attending the Kidscreen Summit with her team. Here, she outlines the importance of the event to Nelvana.

Firstly, I hope you are all enjoying the new San Diego location for Kidscreen Summit!

This will be my first time in San Diego. It is always nice to be able to meet buyers and partners, so no matter where it takes place, we will be there. Plus, it doesn’t hurt to get away from the winter weather for some sun and warmth.

How large is your presence this year?

This year, we have five people attending the show based on the buyers and partners attending. For those not able to attend the show this year, we made sure to have meetings leading up to Kidscreen and scheduled some meetings post-Kidscreen.  

What in particular are you focusing on at this year’s event?

Our relationships with broadcasters are of utmost importance to us so we are focused on maintaining our relationships with them as well as showcasing our latest slate of shows. This includes: Piñata Smashlings is a series currently in production that is based off a successful Roblox game from our partners at Toikido. Already a 360° franchise with the Roblox game, animated shorts, toys and merchandise, the show will bring the world and characters to life. In the new 2D animated series for K6-9, we meet four friends who form a team of very unlikely heroes who are out to save their world from evil Bashlings and level up on fun along the way. It is packed with over-the-top Roblox shenanigans, fast-paced comedy, and hilarious hijinks!

Millie Magnificent, is a new 3D animated preschool series currently in production. I am particularly proud of this series as it highlights Nelvana’s strong capability to adapt successful book franchises from page to screen. Inspired by the strong drive and personality traits ‘Girl’ has in the book series, The Most Magnificent Thing, published by our children’s book publisher, Kids Can Press, we first adapted the book into an award-winning short film that not only captured hearts at festivals, but also on broadcast and VOD platforms. The demand was so magnificent, that we are now producing a full TV series, and are excited to share the final animation with buyers. In the series, we expand on the short film, introducing Millie and her three Creato-Crew friends who work together to find the most magnificent solutions to their neighbourhood’s challenges.

Best & Bester, is a new comedy produced in partnership with Gigglebug Entertainment and Eye Present, is a new 2D animated show for K7-10. Best and Bester are a hilarious best buddies duo who have the unique ability to transform and turn into anything they want – from a walking moustache to a croissant – but they can sometimes cause more problems than they started with! With 52 x 11min available, we are looking to secure additional broadcast partners.

How important is Kidscreen to Nelvana?

Kidscreen is one of our most important tradeshows. It is a one-stop-shop destination to meet our buyers and compliments well with our dedicated in-market trips and meetings.

And what do you hope to gain from the Summit?

We are hoping to secure sales for our new shows, catch-up with our key buyers and partners, and possibly find new IP to distribution and/or partner on.

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