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Jolly Exciting Appoints Big Picture Licensing to bring A.W.A to Market

Jolly Exciting Appoints Big Picture Licensing to bring A.W.A to Market

Jolly Exciting, the London based dynamic creative studio which develops kids IP and captivating content in partnership with studios including A+E and eOne, is the creator of a groundbreaking property set to captivate young hearts and minds worldwide, A.W.A. (Aliens With Attitude). Big Picture Licensing has been appointed to represent and manage the property to source and sign production, distribution and licensing partners on a global basis. A.W.A. is an exciting new kids IP which is pleased to also announce industry visionary Keith Chapman has been appointed as Exec Producer and to lead the development of the property. 

A.W.A. is an intergalactic brand with a core target demo of kids 6-11yrs which includes an action-adventure-comedy themed animation movie trilogy & series of 20×26”, accompanied by an original Hip Hop soundtrack score that is currently in development. Big Picture Licensing is currently in discussions to secure and sign the right partner to bring the property to a global audience. 

Synopsis of A.W.A. – Synopsis of A.W.A. – A radio signal from a 1990s Hip-Hop Radio station “Rhyme Rider FM” has accidentally been broadcasting millions of miles into outer-space and has travelled through an interdimensional portal to an alien planet called Flurps in the Alpha Centauri star system. The Flurplings, its inhabitants, have built their society around the music, adopting its culture and even worshipping the products advertised in the broadcasts. However, their world is divided by the nefarious Shizzle Shooge, who rules the West Flurpers with an iron fist and seeks to control the entire planet. 

Shizzle concocts a sinister plan to solidify his power by capturing DJ Rodney ‘Rhyme Rider’ Johnson, the source of the beloved radio signal, and using the music to subjugate the East Flurpers. Meanwhile, the Council of Ojeez, tipped off to Shizzle’s scheme, calls upon A.W.A. (Aliens With Attitude)—Wu Pax, Spinstorious L.O.P, and Pell Dogg, to thwart Shizzle’s plans and protect Rodney. 

With their AI robot assistant Bob in tow, A.W.A. embarks on a perilous mission to Earth aboard their spaceship, the Rhyme Rider. As Shizzle and his minions set off on their own journey to capture Rodney, a high-stakes race ensues to reach Earth first and safeguard the future of Flurps. On Earth, A.W.A. join forces with Rodney’s kids, twins Delilah & Reggie and navigate treacherous obstacles, including their new environment, before they confront Shizzle’s & minions before they uncover their true power in order to save their planet and Rodney. 

Welcome to A.W.A. – Straight Outta Alpha Centauri. 

Stefan Maingot, Creative Director at Jolly Exciting & Creator of A.W.A. comments: “I am incredibly excited to be working with both Keith and Big Picture Licensing to help bring the universe of A.W.A. to life.” 

Keith Chapman, MD at Chapman Productions, comments: “I immediately saw something special when Stefan presented A.W.A. to me. It is original and unique, with great standout, a strong story with heart and action potential, has universal appeal…it ticks every box…” 

Dan Frugtniet, MD at Big Picture Licensing, comments: “Big Picture Licensing are very proud to be working with Jolly Exciting and Keith Chapman on A.W.A. (Aliens With Attitude) to bring this this cool new kids property dripping with sub-cultural references and a Hip-Hop soundtrack to market. We are all aligned on this mission as its very refreshing to work on such an innovative new kids IP. We are very pleased to support A.W.A. and secure the right 360 partner &/or partners to bring this property to life and find its new home on planet earth!” 

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