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INTERVIEW: BLE First-Timer! Pembe the Pink Cat 

INTERVIEW: BLE First-Timer! Pembe the Pink Cat 

Sertan Christoffersen, Executive Director, Pembe the Pink Cat 

Why are you exhibiting at BLE? 
We’re exhibiting at Brand Licensing Europe to showcase “Pembe the Pink Cat,” our unique children’s brand from Denmark. We believe BLE provides the perfect avenue to introduce Pembe to a more global market, as well as demonstrate how our brand, with its rich stories and captivating graphics, can resonate with audiences everywhere, especially children, Gen Z, and young millennials. 
What are you hoping to achieve from the show? 
Our foremost objective is to create awareness among licensees about the unique appeal of Pembe. We want to illustrate how integrating Pembe into their product lines can not only complement their offerings but potentially boost their sales given the character’s irresistible charm. Beyond this, we’re also keen on forging relationships with retailers in the gifts, toys, and stationary sectors. Our goal is to secure sales leads that will help us expand the reach of our merchandise to a wider, appreciative audience. 
What can visitors expect to see on your stand? 
Visitors to our stand will be welcomed by a vibrant display of our collectible keychains, alongside engaging branding materials that transport them to the whimsical world of Pembe and Little Pembe. As a highlight, we have our life-sized Pembe mascot, a visual embodiment of the brand’s essence. Our booth stands as a testament to Pembe’s message of love, empathy, and inclusivity – values we believe resonate deeply with today’s generation. 
Have you signed any new licensing deals recently? 
While we are in ongoing discussions with various potential partners, specifics remain confidential for now. However, given the magnetic allure of Pembe, we are very hopeful about future collaborations. We warmly invite interested entities to join us at booth 185, where they can experience firsthand the magic of Pembe and explore mutual growth opportunities. 

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