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Innovative Toys go Green products at Spielwarenmesse Digital

Innovative Toys go Green products at Spielwarenmesse Digital

Sustainability has become a highly significant topic worldwide. To highlight its huge importance to the toy industry, the Spielwarenmesse is focusing on sustainable and ecological toys in the Toys go Green megatrend. Together with the experts on the TrendCommittee, the trade fair team has defined four categories relating to this trend and assigned appropriate products to each. ‘Made by Nature’ will display toys made of natural materials – from wood, bamboo, cork and maize to wool and rubber. The items in the category ‘Inspired by Nature’ use bio-based plastics such as sugar, starch, cellulose and proteins. ‘Recycle & Create’ focuses on production using recycled raw materials and creating new toy ideas with upcycling. In ‘Discover Sustainability’, the topics of environment and climate are portrayed through toys, while raising awareness of environmental protection and sustainability.

Moreover, daily presentations on the topic of Toys go Green can be found on the stream from the Toy Business Forum on Spielwarenmesse Digital. All the information on the megatrend are conveniently summarised at The appendix below shows products from international exhibitors at the Spielwarenmesse in the four product categories, ‘Made by Nature’, ‘Inspired by Nature’, ‘Recycle & Create’ and ‘Discover Sustainability’.

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