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Hasbro Unveils Peppa Pig’s New Cover of Katy Perry’s “Roar”

Hasbro Unveils Peppa Pig’s New Cover of Katy Perry’s “Roar”

Peppa Pig continues to help kids build confidence through a new cover of Katy Perry’s global smash hit, “ROAR” which is available to stream on all digital streaming platforms, including Spotify, Apple Music and Amazon Music, starting April 12. Adding onto the Queen of Preschool’s 20th anniversary celebrations this year, the cutest “ROAR” cover is accompanied by the release of an oinktastic music video for kids and families everywhere to enjoy. 

o   Listen to the track here

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Marking the first time ever that Peppa Pig has released a cover song, “ROAR” by Peppa is about finding your voice, knowing yourself and standing your ground – no matter how young or small you are. The powerful lyrics from the original track have been cleverly added to fit young audiences and Peppa Pig fans: “Even the littlest pig can have the loudest ROAR” and “A little confidence goes a long way.” The song joins other recent Peppa music releases that aim to help build confidence among children: “The Best Day,” which provides children with preschool-friendly affirmations to help them go confidently into their day; and “Let’s Jump In,” which brings the Peppa Pig tagline to life and encourages children to jump into life’s first experiences with enthusiasm and a sense of curiosity.

Peppa’s “ROAR” arrives on the heels of Katy Perry’s voice talent debut as Ms. Leopard in the 3-Part Peppa Pig Wedding Special. The episode sees Mr. Bull and Mrs. Cow surprise everyone with their wedding announcement as their loved ones rally to make it memorable.

For Hasbro, music plays an integral role in many of its children’s programming, as it allows kids to engage with characters and storylines in deeper ways. Stories are meant to teach kids important life lessons, celebrate major family moments and so much more. By supplementing great storytelling with impactful music, little ones can better connect to and understand their favorite entertainment.

Hasbro’s mission is to entertain and connect generations of fans through the wonder of storytelling and exhilaration of play. Sound helps amplify this mission, providing an extension to Hasbro’s powerhouse family offerings. With fun new music, the leading branded entertainment company is sure to deliver singable, danceable and lovable tunes for families everywhere to enjoy.

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