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Hasbro and Play Monster Extend Partnership

Hasbro and Play Monster Extend Partnership

PlayMonster Group LLC., a leading international toy and game company, and Hasbro Inc., a toy and game company, have announced that PlayMonster will continue to support the Spirograph brand as part of their global growth strategy aimed at bringing the beloved spiral designing toy to even more aspiring artists worldwide.

For decades, Spirograph has been an iconic toy captivating the attention of generations of children and adults alike, helping users to draw, design, and play in creative, engaging ways using its wheels, precision rings, and colored markers. This continuation of the brand’s licensing partnership with PlayMonster comes as a direct result of the company’s work to date, which has furthered the Spirograph name by expanding upon the brand’s long-standing reputation. The partnership will help ensure its continued legacy for years to come.

“As we continue building on our existing partnership with Hasbro, we are excited to keep infusing fresh creativity and innovation into the Spirograph brand and its exciting lineup of new products,” said Wendy Hartling, Director Global Brands at PlayMonster. “We aim to inspire creativity both in those who grew up with Spirograph, as well as a whole new generation of aspiring artists, by introducing them to the toy’s unique play pattern and colorful designs.”

This announcement comes as Spirograph has doubled down on new product development and is tapping into exciting new partnerships with entertainment franchises. These changes have already sparked launches featuring fan-favorite characters, as well as never-before-seen methods that allow users to design in completely new ways.

Some of the most notable recent launches include the Spirograph Window Designer which takes creations to brand-new surfaces including windows and mirrors, as well as the Spirograph Doodle Pad, the first-ever digital iteration of the toy that lets users completely erase and reimagine their creations at the push of a button.

“As we approach Spirograph’s 60th anniversary in 2025, we are excited to continue our partnership with PlayMonster to help share the beloved brand’s inventive new offerings at the intersection of math and art with even more fans and families across the globe,” said Bradley Bowman, Director Licensing, Global Toy & Sporting Goods at Hasbro.

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