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Gary Pope Comments on the TRA List

Gary Pope Comments on the TRA List

Gary Pope, CEO at Kids Industries and Children’s Commissioner for Products of Change: “Massive congratulations to all those whose toys made the TRA list yesterday. There are some really great toys on the list that once delivered by the Big Red Guy will bring smiles to the faces of children long after the tree comes down. But, and yes, it is a relatively important but, Christmas this year, more than ever, is about the family being together and that need is not being filled by any of these very good toys.

“We’ve been talking to families about Christmas a lot in recent weeks and they’re telling us that they’re after gifts this year – ones that convey sentiment, more emotive values and are more traditional. There wasn’t a single board game on the list that promises to unite the family this Christmas. Maybe a little more significant and timely right now is that there doesn’t seem to be anything that at least hints at sustainability (or getting that critical message across to children) or, just as importantly, consideration of diversity and inclusions seemed absent to me. 

“Just a thought with my Products of Change Children’s Ambassador hat on, maybe for next year, what if there were two new categories that showcase some of the incredible work being done by brands to design and deliver products that are eco-friendly and fully represent society. There’s still plenty of work still to be done and the need to get children’s voices heard is more important than ever – and the toy industry is very good indeed at getting voices heard.”

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