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Gardaland’s latest Jumanji – The Labyrinth experience Announced

Gardaland’s latest Jumanji – The Labyrinth experience Announced

A wild jungle maze, a labyrinth of mirrors and a tunnel infested with snakes”: this is the new description of Gardaland’s latest Jumanji® – The Labyrinth experience, announced today. The brand-new attraction will open in 2023 and will be unveiled when the park reopens next spring. It will offer adventure-lovers of all ages another exclusive and immersive experience to submerge themselves in the wonderfully wild world of Jumanji, based on the box office hit film series from Sony Pictures Entertainment.

Requiring both courage and cunning skills – Jumanji® – The Labyrinth will provide guests with a multi-layered, sensorial experience where they will have to make their way through a brand-new breath-taking adventure.

Located at the heart of Gardaland, next to the Jumanji® the Adventure ride, the new Labyrinth attraction will provide a unique and exciting way for guests to fully immerse themselves into the world of Jumanji – will they be able to survive the innumerable pitfalls and surprises of this intricate and intriguing maze to save Jumanji?? 

“After successful launch of Jumanji® – The Adventure last year we are delighted to be working with Merlin and Gardaland again to offer a brand-new adventure for 2023, where guests can further immerse themselves in the adventurous world of Jumanji.” stated Jeffrey Godsick, Executive Vice-chairman of Global Partnerships and Brand Management, and Head of Location-Based Entertainment of Sony Pictures Entertainment.

Scott O’Neil, CEO of Merlin Entertainments commented:

“The premier theme park in Italy – Gardaland – just got even better thanks to our long-time partners at Sony Pictures Entertainment. We are delighted that we are announcing ‘Jumanji – The Labyrinth’ at Gardaland. Continuing to bring the Jumanji world to life for our guests is an absolute dream come true for our growing number of visitors at the Resort, and even more fun for our award winning creative teams of Merlin Magic Makers. Increasingly, brands are looking for ways to connect with their audiences by bringing those film/stars to life and Merlin Entertainments is the one unencumbered theme parks and attractions business with the scale needed to connect with fans around the world.”

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