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Funko Announces Squid Game Collection

Funko Announces Squid Game Collection

Funko is releasing an all-new set of Digital Pop! Collectibles based on the international phenomenon, Squid Game. Fans have a limited-time opportunity to purchase their crafty team of contestants, including The Front Man, Freddy Funko as The Front Man, and more!

Funko Digital Pop! incorporate non-fungible tokens into animated digital trading cards that feature Funko’s signature Pop! style. The collectibles can be purchased as part of standard or premium digital packs, with 18,000 of each pack available.

Each purchase offers collectors the opportunity to unveil a rare Funko Digital Pop!, which can be redeemed for a corresponding limited-edition physical Pop! collectible. Redeemable Digital Pops! in the Squid Game collection include Player 101: Deok-su, Seong Gi-hun, The Front Man, Masked Worker with Blood Splatter, and Freddy Funko as The Front Man.

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