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Flash Celebrates 90 Years of Defending the Earth

Flash Celebrates 90 Years of Defending the Earth

King Features Syndicate kicks off a robust master publishing program for the iconic Flash Gordon comic character, in partnership with Mad Cave Studios and Papercutz, Mad Cave’s family-friendly graphic fiction imprint. Since the character’s debut in 1934, Alex Raymond’s Flash Gordon has captured the imagination of readers worldwide with its dynamic storytelling, captivating artwork, and memorable characters. 

To commemorate Flash Gordon’s 90th anniversary this year, Mad Cave Studios unveiled a full 2024 Flash Gordon publishing program at ComicsPro in Pittsburgh. The exciting new releases feature a new Flash Gordon ongoing series and related works including Defenders of the Earth trade paperback (1980s reprint), an all-new Defenders of the Earth miniseries, Flash Gordon Quarterly, classic newspaper strip hardcover reprints beginning with Flash Gordon: Classic Collection Volume 1, and an all-ages book, Flash Gordon Adventures!, from the publisher’s Papercutz imprint.

Flash Gordon Adventures, an all-ages series by the award-winning creative team of Art Baltazar and Franco, is perfect for fans of Tiny Titans and Itty Bitty Hellboy. Readers can join Flash Gordon, Dale Arden, Dr. Zarkov, and their allies from Planet Lexray as they battle the evil tyrant, Ming the Merciless. Readers will be thrilled by Flash Gordon and his friend’s zany adventures, while enjoying valuable yet humorous life lessons learned about friendship and teamwork. 

In addition to the re-prints and continuations, Mad Cave is also launching the new ongoing FLASH GORDON series, bringing the iconic Flash Gordon back to its origin in pages and panels, featuring an all-star creative team and a fantastic new sci-fi adventure! In the new series, Flash Gordon awakes on a secret prison planet somewhere in the galaxy. Upon learning that Dale Arden is the subject of an assassination plot, he’s forced to break out and make his way across the galaxy to save her. Along the way, he encounters old friends, new threats, and a greater mystery surrounding who is pulling the strings of this universe. The all-new series, written by the critically acclaimed animation screenwriter, Jeremy Adams (Green Lantern, Flashpoint Beyond), features illustrations by top DC and Marvel artist Will Conrad (Black Panther, Wolverine, X-Men, Batman, Justice League), with colors by 2024 Eisner Award nominee Lee Loughridge, and letters by Taylor Esposito. The kick-off for issue #1 includes Cover A by series artist Will Conrad, the connecting Cover B by National Comics Award-winning artist Frazer Irving (Batman & Robin), Cover C by Reilly Brown (Batman/Fortnite: Zero Point), a Cover D blank sketch edition, and retailer incentive covers by Joe Chiodo (Fantastic Four) and Dan Panosian (Savage Red Sonja, John Tiffany).

Embark on the return of Defenders of The Earth, an exhilarating eight-part series reimagining of the beloved adventure series, coming soon from Mad Cave Studios. Inspired by the classic Defenders of the Earth cartoon series, writer Dan DiDio, best known for his ten years serving as co-publisher of DC Entertainment and a prolific comics author, along with celebrated artist Jim Calafiore (Exiles, Secret Six), join forces in this groundbreaking comic, sure to shake up the universe. The newly-minted Defenders of the Earth comic is not just about superheroes; it’s about the human struggles and triumphs behind the masks—drawing inspiration from contemporary issues and timeless themes while tackling relevant topics of gender, familial expectations, and the ethical dilemmas of modern heroes. Defenders of the Earth is an epic journey of courage, sacrifice, and redemption, reminding us all that the greatest battles are fought not with fists, but with heart. Fans of the original series will find plenty to love while blazing a trail for the next generation of heroes.

In Flash Gordon: Classic Collection Volume 1, science fiction’s most enduring icon Flash Gordon returns in a newly-restored edition, collecting his earliest adventures with Dale Arden and Dr. Hans Zarkov on the mysterious planet Mongo. There they’ll encounter strange landscapes, fantastic creatures, otherworldly characters, and the universe’s most diabolical mastermind–Ming the Merciless. Flash Gordon: Classic Collection Volume 1 reprints all of Alex Raymond’s Sunday strips from January 1, 1934 to April 18, 1937, and includes additional background material and an introduction from comics industry legend Alex Ross. Flash Gordon: Classic Collection Vol. 1 drops July 31st, and is now available for preorder. 

“As King Features continues to celebrate the 90th anniversary of Flash Gordon, we’re thrilled to be collaborating with Mad Cave Studios and Papercutz to keep the legacy of Flash Gordon alive for fans of all ages,” King Features Senior Vice President and GM, Head of Licensing Carla Silva. “It’s our goal to continue bringing quality Flash Gordon content to the fans and celebrate their love for the savior of the universe.”

The new releases from Mad Cave Studios follow the character’s recent return to syndicated comic strips for the first time in two decades. The Flash Gordon daily comic strip debuted in October 2023 with Eisner-nominated cartoonist Dan Schkade at the helm for both new and familiar adventures with a more modern look and feel.

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