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Fifth Patent for GennComm ImaGENNation with Miraball Memory Foam in Plush and Fiber in Slime Tactile Toys

Fifth Patent for GennComm ImaGENNation with Miraball Memory Foam in Plush and Fiber in Slime Tactile Toys

GennComm ImaGENNation, the product development and licensing division of GennComm LLC, announces the United States Patent and Trademark Office has issued the Company’s latest patent on their novel fiber-in-slime furry compound innovation, which makes slime products furry, hairy, or ultra stretchy. This is the fifth issued US Patent for tactile and sensory products in GennComm’s IP portfolio, which includes four relating to squishy memory foam used in plush toys. GennComm’s patented technologies were all invented in-house by Jeremy Brian Medwed, who serves as Director of Innovation at GennComm’s ImaGENNation division.

GennComm pioneered the squishy memory foam in plush toy category in 2017, licensing it first to Beverly Hills Teddy Bear Company for the introduction of the successful Squeezamals plush. Now, seven years later, GennComm’s newest licensee, Wyncor, is leveraging GennComm’s memory foam in plush IP for Wyncor’s collectible Miraball™️ platform. Miraball™️ licenses include popular brands like Miraculous from Zag Entertainment, Paramount’s SpongeBob SquarePants, Paw Patrol and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Hasbro’s My Little Pony, Peppa Pig, Transformers and Monopoly, and Emojis.

GennComm first licensed its now-patented fiber-in-slime furry compound technology to global giant Zuru Toys, which sold licensed products during the pandemic as “Hairy Slime.” GennComm has reacquired the rights from Zuru and is seeking a new licensee to bring their now-patented formulations and unique know-how to market.

“It’s a promising time for our ImaGENNation Team! We have interest and momentum for multiple product segments within our patented tactile and sensory consumer products portfolio, which includes GennComm’s four issued US Patents and know-how for memory foam in collectible plush toys, this fun and unique furry slime patent; and several pending provisional and full patent applications in the works for toys, apparel and more,” said GennComm CEO, Genna Rosenberg. “We’re honored to be ‘playing’ with major new partners like Wyncor and others who value our vision and IP.”

Inventor Jeremy Medwed said, “Tactile toys feel amazing to hold, and squishing them can be calming and  satisfying! With fiber-in-slime, there are so many options to innovate with different formulations. Variations change the consistency, making it extra stretchy, giving it more texture, making it furry, fuzzy, webby, colorful, relaxing to squish, and even gross, capitalizing on myriad toy trends. Our proprietary formulations allow for a whole new segment for this category.”

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