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Fauna Entertainment Expands YouTube Management Services into the Middle East

Fauna Entertainment Expands YouTube Management Services into the Middle East

Fauna Entertainment is announces the expansion of its YouTube Management services

into the Arabic-speaking market, aiming to broaden its footprint in the Middle East region. This

strategic move underscores Fauna’s commitment to grow and expand the exposure of highquality

content and IPs across various platforms. With the Middle East’s digital audience growing

at a rapid pace, Fauna sees immense potential in this vibrant market.

As part of this expansion, Fauna will leverage its successful partnerships with well-known

YouTube channels in Turkey such as LooLoo Kids, True and the Rainbow Kingdom, Kitoons/Cry

Babies, and many others. These partnerships have already demonstrated Fauna’s expertise in

managing, optimizing, and growing YouTube channels, ensuring high engagement and viewer


“We are thrilled to extend our YouTube Management services to the Arabic-speaking

market,” said Emre AKSOY, CBO at Fauna Entertainment. “The Middle East is a vibrant

region with a rapidly growing digital audience. We look forward to collaborating with new

partners and bringing high-quality, engaging content to viewers in this region.”

Sama Mohseni and her team will be heading Fauna Entertainment’s expansion efforts in the

Middle East, ensuring the successful acquisition and management of new channels in the region.

Sama will be in charge of driving the growth of Arabic YouTube channels under Fauna’s

management. With their extensive experience working with notable entities such as Vice Arabia,

OSN, Bloomberg Arabic (Asharq News), Huawei Middle East, 21st Century Fox, and MOBY

Group, Sama and her team bring invaluable expertise to Fauna.

“I am excited to lead Fauna Entertainment’s expansion in the Middle East and drive the

growth of our Arabic YouTube channels,” said Sama. “Our team’s deep understanding of

the region’s digital media landscape, coupled with Fauna’s proven success in YouTube

channel management, positions us perfectly to deliver engaging, localized content that

resonates with Arabic-speaking audiences.”

Fauna Entertainment’s YouTube Management services include content strategy, channel

optimization, audience development, and monetization. By expanding these services into the

Middle East, Fauna aims to support content creators and brands in reaching their target

audiences more effectively, fostering stronger connections and driving growth.

About Fauna Entertainment:

Fauna is Turkey’s leading entertainment company that specializes in the development,


distribution, licensing and brand management of linear and non-linear kid’s content with a

360-degree management approach. Already reaching over 80 countries with its own shows,


grows its global presence with international co-productions and partnerships day by day.

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