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Far Out Toys Partners with to Launch Adorable Love, Diana

Far Out Toys Partners with to Launch Adorable Love, Diana

Far Out Toys has announced launch dates for its new line of collectible dolls and accessories under the Love, Diana brand based on the #3 YouTube channel in the world, Kids Diana Show. The show is one of the world’s most popular YouTube channels for kids featuring a young girl, Diana, playing with her family and friends. With over 120 million subscribers and over 52 billion lifetime views, this magnetic six-year-old is popular around the world. 

Partnering with, Far Out Toys has designed the most adorable line of collectible dolls to hit retail!  The Love, Diana collectibles will include a line of 2.5-inch mini-figurines and accessories called Princess of Play and 3.5-inch dolls, accessories, playsets and pets under the Fashion Fabulous umbrella.  

Coming to Walmart stores in January, the Love, Diana Princess of Play line features 2.5-inch cute and collectible dolls in 10 scented styles.  They come packaged in colorful, translucent ice cream scoops that can be stacked to display your collection like an ice cream cone!  Each character comes with surprise accessories for hours of tiny play! The Princess of Play line also includes a celebratory Birthday Party Pack complete with five figurines, diorama packaging and accessories.

A range of styles from both the Fashion Fabulous and Princess of Play lines will also hit Amazon in early Q1.

This month, several major YouTube influencers such as Toy Caboodle are celebrating the upcoming launch by opening giant Love, Diana “Advent Calendar” style boxes to reveal the new products. 

“The positive response to our Love, Diana line – even before it has launched at retail – has been enormous. In a time when so many companies are struggling to stay afloat we are happy that we have been able to not only maintain, but expand our product offering into the doll category!”  said Keith Meggs, CEO and Founder of Far Out Toys. “The Love, Diana brand provided a unique opportunity to partner with one of the most popular and adored influencers in the world and our collectible doll line really reflects what her content is all about – empowerment through pretend play.”  

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