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Falcon’s Beyond Introduces Falcon’s Attractions Systems & Technologies

Falcon’s Beyond Introduces Falcon’s Attractions Systems & Technologies

Falcon’s Beyond unveils its latest expansion strategy. The company will now operate its rides and attractions sales under the name Falcon’s Attractions Systems & Technologies (“Falcon’s Attractions”), emphasizing its commitment to delivering cutting edge immersive rides, attractions, and technologies for location-based entertainment experiences and more around the world. Falcon’s Attractions will actively target a diverse range of prospective clients, including theme parks, museums, zoos, aquariums, and special event venues, offering innovative solutions to enhance audience engagement and brand storytelling.

“Falcon’s Attractions is based on our company’s belief in the power of imagination to transport guests to new worlds and create unforgettable memories,” said Cecil D. Magpuri, CEO of Falcon’s Beyond Global, Inc. “We’ve been experts at innovative storytelling for nearly a quarter of a century. Through Falcon’s Attractions, we are sharing our creativity, technical know-how, and proprietary delivery methods to offer standalone products that push the boundaries of innovation and storytelling in the theme park industry.”

Employing cutting-edge technological advancements, Falcon’s Attractions specializes in crafting meticulously designed ride systems that seamlessly fuse physical and digital environments. Serving as the robust technical foundation coupled with artistic finesse, Falcon’s Attractions elevates rides and attractions to unparalleled levels of immersive entertainment, ensuring a seamless experience throughout. Among the array of innovative offerings marketed under the Falcon’s Attractions brand are:

  • ON!X Theater – an innovative real-time 4D theater that infuses the traditional 4D theater experience with all the nuances and intricacies of a top-tier video game to create powerful and meaningful engagement.
  • Suspended Theater – the only flying theater product with two distinct scenes. Unlike competitors’ products, guests experience a seamless “magical” lift into the air and never see the mechanism behind the process.
  • Falcon’s Vision – represents the next generation of engaging and interactive augmented reality (AR) experiences, providing an immersive, durable, and highly customizable product specifically designed to be functional and affordable for high-throughput location-based entertainment experiences.
  • Spectraverse – an immersive projection system developed to provide multiple users with their own unique perspective and media, much like each person is looking out into their own custom-made world.
  • CircuMotion – redefines the possibilities of a media-based attraction experience, with an exciting and dynamic patented system that synchronizes a one-of-a-kind multi-dimensional motion platform with integrated media content and dazzling special effects.
  • Spheron Theater – an immersive dome theater that uses advanced projection blending for a seamless 3D dome theater experience.
  • 4D Dark Ride – Integrating the best ride, control, interactive and AV systems along with design and media to provide a fully immersive dark ride.

Falcon’s masterpieces in motion have thrilled visitors at locations such as IMG Worlds of Adventure in Dubai (CircuMotion – “Hulk: Epsilon Base 3D”), the National Geographic Museum in Washington, DC (Falcon’s Vision – “Becoming Jane: The Evolution of Dr. Jane Goodall”) and at SeaWorld Orlando (Spheron Theater – “Turtle Trek”).

“As the experience economy continues to surge, brands are looking to Falcon’s Attractions to help them deliver the next generation of experience that combines both physical and digital entertainment. By expanding our portfolio of attractions and technologies, we are solidifying our foothold at the forefront of our industry and stand poised to meet the demand that will continue to grow into the future,” said Daryl White, EVP of Global Licensing & Business Development. “We’re excited to explore partnerships and collaborations that can put our ready-made and customizable solutions to good use to enrich and elevate narratives in transformative and exciting new ways that will create exhilarating experiences for all involved.”

Falcon’s Attractions follows other significant momentum for the company in 2024, including the January announcement of a licensing agreement with The Hershey Company. Through this expansive relationship, Falcon’s will conceive and develop Hershey-branded location based entertainment (LBE) experiences featuring the industry-leading confectionary and snack company’s iconic intellectual property (IP), in both the United States and international markets. Additionally, Falcon’s in January unveiled a deal with Tanseisha Co., Ltd., a Tokyo-based designer and creator of commercial and cultural facilities, to explore collaborating to develop new themed entertainment experiences that bring popular Japanese anime and manga IP to life through LBE, games, movies and more. In late 2023, the company also launched a historic recruitment effort for its Falcon’s Creative Group business unit, with a goal to double its headcount. The Company is in the process of hiring nearly 200 new team members to support the growth of creative projects across the globe.

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