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Crayola Announces Partnerships with Marwar and Moonbug

Crayola Announces Partnerships with Marwar and Moonbug

Crayola Studios announces two new partnerships that will further the creativity brand’s bold drive into kids and family entertainment content.  

In collaboration with best-in-class, like-minded organizations, Marwar Junction and Moonbug Entertainment, Crayola Studios will launch a competition format and an animated digital series. These projects are the latest initiatives in the division’s strategy to provide content that explores and champions the limitless possibilities of children’s creativity.

The Crayola Studios-Marwar Junction Productions (Play-Doh Squished, Earth to Ned) duo will produce a family competition The Great Crayola Showdown (working title) in which contestants will tackle fun, high-energy, and unique challenges that will require creative thinking and innovative problem solving. The contestants will have to unleash their imagination, and be collaborative, inventive, and resourceful to tackle the challenges they face. 

Furthering Crayola’s foray into the digital space, Crayola Studios is also joining forces with  global children’s entertainment company Moonbug Entertainment (CoComelon, Blippi) for Crayola Crewa 2D/3D CGI animated series that brings imagination to life through discovery and ideation. The series follows Bria and Rafa as the friends embark on whimsical adventures with a cast of diverse crayon characters in the Colorverse, a world where anything is possible with a little imagination. From fixing broken spaceships with butterfly wings to inventing new instruments for an underwater concert, kids will be inspired to put their own ingenuity to work and see the positive impact their creativity can make on the world.

The Moonbug partnership will further extend Crayola’s digital-first strategy for shortform content, which already includes YouTube series Scribble Scrubbie Pets with Driver Studios and original branded craft and DIY content produced Crayola owned YouTube and social channels with TheSoul Publishing.

“We are excited to be working with Marwar Junction and Moonbug Entertainment who are experts in their respective areas and can help us to realize our vision of celebrating and inspiring creativity every day through fun, engaging content that kids and families will want to watch again and again,” said Victoria Lozano, Crayola Executive Vice President.

“Joining forces with Marwar Junction presents us with an opportunity to create a stand-out new entertainment concept that will give families a chance to compete in a creative setting and inspire children at home to get creative, too. And teaming up with digital experts Moonbug Entertainment will enable us to boost our digital offering with an innovative shortform series that has color, creativity, and discovery at its heart,” she said.

Joseph Freed, Founder, Marwar Junction Productions said, “When it comes to imagination and creativity, Crayola is the world’s most trusted and beloved brand, known for inspiring inventive ideas and developing the tools that help bring them to life. We can’t wait to immerse viewers in the iconic Crayola brand and create a format focused on creativity and imagination.”

“Crayola is a trailblazer in the children’s space,” says Dan’l Hewitt, Moonbug Entertainment’s Vice President of Brand Partnerships. “Moonbug is thrilled to partner with Crayola to bring children’s imagination to life through these new upcoming digital series. As a next generation global kids entertainment company, we believe every family should have access to entertaining and enriching content and are excited to support and further extend Crayola’s digital-first strategy through its owned YouTube and social channels.”  

Loved and trusted by families around the world, Crayola has 99 percent brand awareness in the US, with 89 percent of households with kids using Crayola products. Crayola has global access to kids and families through its products and collaborations, location-based entertainment, and interactive experiences, in addition to its social and digital content and education programming. The company is actively working on its development slate with a view to creating 360° touchpoints across products, experiences and content.  

Crayola Studios is the entertainment content arm of Crayola and is supported by sister company Hallmark Media.

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