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Animaccord Strengthens Global Publishing Network for Masha and the Bear across the World

Animaccord Strengthens Global Publishing Network for Masha and the Bear across the World

Animaccord unveils its strong foothold in the realm of global publishing. Showcasing a robust and diverse portfolio of long-term partnerships, Animaccord demonstrates a formidable presence in the publishing industry, offering over 500 SKUs that cater to the varied interests of children around the world.

In the Americas & Asia, Animaccord announces new partnerships and upcoming product releases in Argentina. In Q4 2023, Editorial Vertice debuted with Masha and the Bear coloring books across all its retail channels while Editora Aladino will introduce its branded sticker books, also available through all retail outlets in Q3 2024.

This year, Phidal renewed its rights to distribute novelty books through its retail channels in the US and across EMEA. The renewal also extends to Ediciones Larousse, which offers educational and coloring books in Mexico, as well as Ciranda Cultural in Brazil and Prakash Books in India, both of which provide storybooks and activity books through retail outlets.

In Eastern Europe & Beyond, Polish Harper Collins offers all publishing formats across all retail, complemented by Media Service Zawada’s additional formats. Recent launches have been conducted by Pro Films, which released storybooks and activity books in Bulgaria, and Menart Publishing, which made activity books available in all retail outlets across Slovenia. Additionally, long-term partners such as Luppa launched partwork collections in the Czech Republic in February 2024. Other remarkable publishing activity for the brand is a continuous partnership with the regional market leaders such as Kolibri in Hungary, and Litera in Romania and Moldova, which sell storybooks and activity books across all retail outlets. 

In Italy, Animaccord offers a variety of Masha and the Bear products through partnerships with Play Press (activity books in kiosks and in general retail), Pon Pon Edizioni (storybooks and activity books in all retail), and Panini (magazines and comics in kiosks).

In France, Hachette covers all major book formats, including storybooks, activity books, novelties, and puzzle books, available across all retail outlets. Notably, the publisher draws inspiration not only from the main content but also integrates stories from special video formats.

In Iberia, Animaccord has secured extensive publishing coverage with Grupo Anaya, which has renewed its commitment to distribute activity books in both Spanish and Catalan, and Angel Europa, which continues to distribute activity books in Spanish, through bookstores and other book channels. Meanwhile, in Portugal, Zero A Oito has been distributing ‘Masha and the Bear’ magazines through its kiosks for many years. 

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