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American Doll Teams with Cut Media

American Doll Teams with Cut Media

Cut Media and HiHo Kids have announced a content-based partnership with the iconic doll and book brand, American Girl. The first-time partnership kicked off with a special episode to showcase the revamp of American Girl’s contemporary 18-inch Truly Me dolls. The all-new Truly Me line now offers fans tons of unique doll, accessory, and outfit combinations to represent their diverse styles, personalities, and interests. The episode features the HiHo girls visiting American Girl’s flagship Chicago store, where they talk about their new Truly Me dolls and what makes them special, while enjoying delicious treats from the American Girl Cafe.  

With over 6.4M fans across YouTube and social, American Girl will tap into HiHo Kids influential audience of parents and kids to help drive awareness, buzz, and engage their loyal fan base. With a comprehensive promotion and distribution strategy across platforms, HiHo and American Girl will reach audiences at scale. The full episode, alongside promotional assets, will be published on HiHo’s official social accounts with select custom content delivered to American Girl and participating talent for original publication across their owned and operated accounts. 

“American Girl is an ideal partner for HiHo, a Cut Media brand, as they embody our mission to promote empathy through play and set the tone for a generation of critical thinkers,” said Abigale Smith, Cut Media’s Executive Director of Brand Partnerships. The Truly Me dolls provide young kids everywhere the ability to foster creativity and self-expression by giving them the opportunity to select dolls that look like them with their own unique interests and personalities. Our mission is to spark conversations that foster understanding by creating the best video formats on the internet and we look forward to sharing our content around the revamp of this iconic doll line.”

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