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Adrien Moretto Promoted to General Manager of Millimages

Adrien Moretto Promoted to General Manager of Millimages

Millimages is proud to announce the promotion of Adrien Moretto, 29, to the position of General Manager. Producer of international hits such as 64 Rue Du Zoo, Corneil & Bernie, Lascars, Louie, and Molang, Millimages will now be headed by Adrien Moretto, formerly Head of Legal and then General Secretary. 

In his new position, Adrien Moretto plans to pursue the strategy implemented for 32 years by Millimages’ founder Roch Lener: to transform every one of the studio’s intellectual properties into a transmedia experience for viewers. The studio has already successfully implemented this strategy for their iconic IP Molang, with creative content for TV and platforms, viral content for social media and a wide range of derivative products. Adrien Moretto plans to intensify the creation of content exclusive to new media, and to continue developing his network of licensees, all the while continuing to develop and produce high-quality traditional productions. 

Now one of the youngest general managers in the French audiovisual industry, Adrien Moretto will be able to draw on the savoir-faire and expertise of each of the company’s business units (especially Production & Development, headed by Bonnie Lener; Digital Content Strategy, Kévin Maintrot; Licensing & Merchandising, Alexandra Algard-Mikanowski and International Sales, Sépideh Shirazi Moayed) to perpetuate the studio’s global influence. 

With a master’s degree in business law and an MBA in audiovisual production, Adrien Moretto began his career in the world of audiovisual production in the legal department of Cofiloisirs, a company specializing in the financing of audiovisual and film projects. In 2018, he joined Millimages’ Business Affairs department, before becoming the Group’s General Counsel in 2021, then General Secretary at the end of 2022.

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