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Whataburger Challenges Fans to Battle It out with “Breakfast in Bedwars”

Whataburger Challenges Fans to Battle It out with “Breakfast in Bedwars”

The loser has to buy Whataburger, right? It sounds like the stakes are high as Whataburger unveiled its brand-new Whataburger-themed Fortnite “Bedwars” map. The new map went live live alongside the announcement of “Breakfast in Bedwars,” Whataburger’s first-ever Fortnite Tournament.

The all-new custom map combines Fortnite’s building and combat mechanics with the popular creative mode “Bedwars,” while offering players an action-packed, Whataburger-fueled experience. In Fortnite “Bedwars,” four teams of three players will strive to defend their beds while simultaneously launching daring attacks on their opponents’ bases – all for a chance to win $25,000 in cash prizes.

Are you ready to drop in and get the “W”? From July 8 through July 15, anyone ages 13 and up can submit their entries to participate in the tournament! Simply post your best clips playing the new Whataburger “Breakfast in Bedwars” map on the social platform “X” and tag #BreakfastInBedwars. The players with the top 16 submissions will be invited to be tournament captains and bring two teammates into battle in the exclusive qualifier on July 17. The qualifier consists of a single elimination bracket. The top four teams will advance to the main event on July 22 to compete alongside popular Fortnite creators for a share of the $25,000 prize pool. The first-place winning team will clutch their share of the $10,000 grand prize.

To play the new map, launch Fortnite, click the search icon and use island code 6619-8313-5969.

“Breakfast in Bedwars,” presented by Whataburger, will take place on a daytime map, focusing on early morning coffee runs and breakfast foods to jump-start the day. Throughout gameplay, the tournament will feature iconic Whataburger characters and restaurant items, such as:

  • Custom Whataburger beds and restaurant island bases
  • WhataGuy featured as a non-player character (NPC)
  • Whataburger-inspired “Consumables,” including a Breakfast on a Bun for “HP,” Hot Coffee for “Shields,” Spicy Ketchup speed boosts and a Honey Butter Chicken Biscuit signifying the high-risk high-reward item
  • Whataburger-inspired “Power-ups,” including Iced Coffee, Taquitos and Breakfast Burgers
  • Whataburger Table Tent vault keys
  • Other boosts and buffs earned through engaging with the map, such as walking across a floating Whataburger tray, jumping off a Whataburger Breakfast Burger and interacting with Iced Coffee cups

To participate in the tournament qualifier and finals, players must reside within the U.S. and be 13 years of age or older. Any parties under the age of 18 will be required to submit a parental consent form to be eligible for tournament selection. To participate, players need to submit gameplay via “X” using the required social tags/mentions. Each player chosen will have the opportunity to select their teammates. A third-party partner, efuse, will manage, monitor and choose all submissions.

“Breakfast in Bedwars,” presented by Whataburger, was created in collaboration with efuse, erena, Click Media Group and McGarrah Jessee and is not affiliated with Epic Games. For more information about the “Breakfast in Bedwars,” Presented by Whataburger Tournament, or for terms and conditions, visit

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