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Universal Theme Park coming to Bedfordshire?

Universal Theme Park coming to Bedfordshire?

The BBC has reported that hundreds of people queued to hear about a resort which could be created in the UK county of Bedfordshire.

Universal Destinations and Experiences held its first public event on Saturday about the project since buying land in Stewartby, south of Bedford.

President Page Thompson said it was in its early stages and there was “a lot of work to do before a final decision”.

“We’ve been amazed by the incredible welcome in Bedford and the enthusiasm for this project,” he added.

“All we can really tell people today is that we’re interested in exploring the feasibility of building a theme park here,” said Mr Thompson.

“Normally at this stage of considering a huge resort, you’re working out the infrastructure improvements that would have to take place – slip-roads off the major highways and improvements and enhancements to train services.”

The theme park could create an injection of over £30billion into the economy and create 8000 jobs. Universal claims there is 92% support for the park’s creation.

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