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Two New Mr. Men Little Miss Characters Announced

Two New Mr. Men Little Miss Characters Announced

Farshore and Sanrio announce that they have added two new characters to the

universe of Mr. Men Little Miss, the bestselling children’s book series.

Mr. Fib and Little Miss Surprise will join the classic range on 12th September 2024, over fifty

years after Mr. Tickle, the very first Mr. Men book, was published. This isn’t one of Mr Fib’s

tall tales as he’s really part of the gang and Little Miss Surprise is surprised and delighted to

be joining them too!

Adam Hargreaves, author, said : ‘It’s always fun creating new characters to add to the series,

although I’ve got a way to go to catch up with my dad. A Mr Fib has been rattling around in

my imagination for a long while and Little Miss Surprise, of course, popped into my head

right out of the blue!’

Silvia Figini, COO of Sanrio – EMEA, India and Oceania, and Mr. Men – Worldwide said: “We

are thrilled to introduce two new characters to the Mr. Men Little Miss family, marking the

first additions since our 50th anniversary. By highlighting distinct personality traits, these

characters help both adults and children connect with them and reflect on their own

emotions. We are confident that you will instantly adore them ! ’

Emily Campan, Publisher, Farshore, said: ‘We are so delighted to be welcoming two new

additions to the Mr. Men Little Miss line up in 2024. We really wanted our two new

characters to reflect the world and personality traits children might encounter in real life,

and I think our two new friends meet that brief completely. I can’t wait for the rest of the

world to meet them!’

Mr. Fib is the smartest, strongest and funniest Mr. Men of all. Well, so he says, but don’t

believe everything you hear! Mr. Fib fibs to impress people, but his fibs are getting bigger

and bigger, and one day he goes too far and his friends are upset. Can Mr. Fib learn to tell

the truth?

Little Miss Surprise loves nothing better than surprises, and never knows what each day may

bring. Life certainly isn’t predicable when Little Miss Surprise is around! But is Mr. Quiet

ready for one of her surprising days out?

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