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Thailand’s Human Touch Appoints Big Picture Licensing

Thailand’s Human Touch Appoints Big Picture Licensing

Human Touch, the Thailand based team behind the APAC hit design property HUMAN LOVE have appointed Big Picture Licensing to represent the property to secure new licensing partners in the UK & Eire territory as well as across multi-territory opportunities.

HUMAN LOVE is an established and inspiring Thailand based design & lifestyle brand focused on the art of human touch and love through giftware products.  It was established by a trio of Thai designers who showcased their designs for the first time at The Bangkok International House and Giftware Fair, this event marked a milestone for the team as part of a new wave of the Thai creative and design sector.

Among the earliest works of HUMAN LOVE was a series of cute and creative couple products called: ‘Boy meets Girl’ – and the products have sold over +1million units across Asia. With the full line of logos and brand assets across each target demographic; ‘Girl meets Girl” and “Boy meets Boy” the message of love resonates with all couples. With over +500 copyrighted & registered design works, HUMAN LOVE is recognized across APAC where each design is still created with the same passion, love and spirit of their first day the design team launched the brand together.  Key product categories for HUMAN LOVE include Giftware, Apparel, Homeware and Health & Beauty.

Jeab Zwani Chaviwan, Managing Director at HUMAN LOVE comments: “We’re super excited to team up with Big Picture Licensing to get our work known in the UK and Eire as well as across multi-territory licensing opportunities. Our inspiration comes from the beautiful stories of couples everywhere. We want to help you express the love and good vibes you feel for your special someone through everyday items and little things in life. Love is a universal language; it doesn’t need words or explanations – You’ll both just get it when love happens! We hope that the heartfelt love stories and simple characters of HUMAN LOVE can represent your love, make you smile, and think of your loved one.”  

Dan Frugtniet, Managing Director at Big Picture Licensing, comments: “We have always looked for unique IP from different parts of the world, when we first saw HUMAN LOVE, we immediately fell ‘in love’ with it and what the brand represents for all couples of all types around the world and we are very excited to support on the UK & Eire as well as multi-territory markets and find new licensing partners for the property to accompany the strong library of protected designs and logos for all couples no matter what orientation your love is.  HUMAN LOVE is for all couples as a truly inclusive design brand. We believe that there isn’t enough celebration of true love and all the human attributes and emotions that it encompasses.  As they famously said in the classic romantic comedy Love Actually (which I had a minor role in btw!) – “If you look for it, I’ve got a sneaky feeling that you’ll find that love, actually, is all around.”

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