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Taking Comfort Food to the Next Level

Taking Comfort Food to the Next Level

Guinness and The Farmer Companies take the ultimate comfort food to a whole new level with Guinness Macaroni & Cheese

How do you improve the ultimate comfort food? Add the remarkable flavor of Guinness! That’s right, when the world’s most popular stout meets Cabot Creamery Co-operative’s World’s Best Cheddar, you get a rich velvety Macaroni & Cheese that is simply irresistible.

Guinness Boxed Macaroni & Cheese contains no alcohol and is a bold and magnificently malty flavored take on one of the world’s most popular comfort foods, Mac & Cheese. And it doesn’t disappoint. The Guinness stout-flavored blend is made with award-winning extra sharp Cabot Farmers’ Reserve ready-made cheese sauce combined with organic radiatore pasta. Each box contains approximately three 3.7-ounce servings and takes about 15 minutes to prepare.

The Guinness Macaroni & Cheese is a collaboration between Guinness and The Farmer Companies, a diversified private equity firm headquartered in Burlington, Vermont founded in 2018 to leverage a brands’ value into new categories, and its newest division, Vermont Cheese Products, Inc. (VCPI). The first license by VCPI covers a line of specially branded consumer snack products under the Cabot brand, held by Agri-Mark, the Northeast’s premier dairy cooperative, and now includes a line of ready-to-make meals including Guinness Macaroni & Cheese, featuring Cabot Cheese. The partnership was brokered by Guinness’ global brand extension agency, Beanstalk.

“We are incredibly proud to launch these products with VCPI” says Diageo Licensing Manager, Declan Hassett. “The combination of Guinness & Cabot Cheddar gives a gorgeous deep flavor that brings something new and exciting to Mac & Cheese. I think it is best enjoyed with a beautiful, nicely chilled glass of Guinness, Slàinte!”

“We are pleased to introduce Guinness Macaroni and Cheese just before St. Patrick’s Day,” said The Farmer Companies CEO and Chairman of the Board, Adam Farmer. “It has taken VCPI and Guinness nearly two years to create the perfect blend of Guinness Stout flavor and Cabot’s Farmers’ Reserve Cheddar into a delicious, easy-to-use, ready-made liquid blend combined with organic radiatore pasta.”

Adam Weber, The Farmer Companies Director, and Senior Vice President of Sales, says the painstaking time and efforts to get the perfect blend was time well-spent. “When you marry two such iconic brands, the world’s most popular stout and the world’s best cheddar, you had better get it right – and we did,” Weber said. “Our Guinness Macaroni & Cheese is the perfect blend of stout and cheddar. The stout has hints of the delicious flavors that make Guinness so popular, and the Cabot cheddar is bold, creamy, and extra sharp. It’s perfection in a box!”

In addition to the original Guinness Macaroni & Cheese, VCPI plans to add several more flavors to the Guinness line including Caramelized Onion, Cracked Black Pepper, and Black Truffle.

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