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Superights signs for Deep in the Bowl

Superights signs for Deep in the Bowl

Superights will act as global distributor for new CGI series for children ages 8 to 12, Deep in the Bowl (52×5’). The show is based on the beloved Nicolas Poupon French comic book “Le Fond du Bocal,” published by Glénat editions. It is an original creation of Zeilt Productions, headed by Academy Award winning producer and director Laurent Witz, and co-produced with Tencent Video and WATT frame. Superights will represent worldwide rights excluding China and Luxembourg. Currently in production, the show will be completed in March 2023, and will be offered at upcoming trade shows beginning with Kidscreen Summit. Superights is a division of Paris-based production company SUPERPROD GROUP..

Deep in the Bowl’s 52 five-minute episodes are divided into short sketches that center on groups of hilariously existential fish in various fish tanks with different points of view and opinions on the meaning of life. Though the fast moving sketches in the episodes, we take a look at the lives fish lead when humans aren’t looking. Five different and diverse fish crews will explore relationships, joys, hopes, dreams, questions, and conflicts that affect their lives in the same way they do humans. Viewers will follow the Wilsons family trying to stay afloat in the modern world; the Weirdos, young misfits students trying to figure out where they belong; Al, Kat and Raz, a trio of inmates trying to organize their prison break; Leely, a kung-fu fighting fish and her sensei and McFlo, Mobi Di and Jo Star, young wannabe rappers.

It turns out that quite a lot happens underwater! What adds a truly unique and realistic twist to the show are the way in which CGI aquariums are installed in real live actions sets, immersing the audience in the fishes’ worlds and creating a huge qualitative visual richness. Rather than adhering to a strict format, variety is key to the series, with sketches of different lengths, different styles featuring different characters comprising five-minute episodes, keeping viewers engaged and enthralled.

Nathalie Pinguet, Deputy General Manager at Superights, says: “We are delighted to welcome Deep in the Bowl into our catalog. This is the starting point of a great collaboration with Zeilt Productions, whom I thank for their trust. Deep in The Bowl looks like nothing else with its hilarious stories centered around an engaging and charming variety of characters, whose motto is “life in a bowl can really drive you crazy.” You’ll probably never look at an aquarium in the same way again!”

The series’ academy award-winning creator Laurent Witz, head of Zeilt Productions comments: “We feel that Superights is the perfect partner to represent this very special series and are looking forward to seeing Deep in the Bowl debut all over the world. We are confident that this sketch show like no other will resonate with global audiences, bringing to dynamic life the quirky elements of the comic book into a new form. The use of CGI rather than traditional animation allows us to offer a much more immersive and vivid experience to the audience. The series humorously depicts the strange habits of humans, decoded by fish from their aquariums.”

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