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Sandbox Launches PlayKids+

Sandbox Launches PlayKids+

Sandbox Group, the London-based group operating a network of learning businesses, announced the launch of PlayKids+, a one-of-its-kind SuperApp that adapts its UI and featured content based on the child’s age. 

The next generation app is the next generation of Sandbox’s existing award-winning PlayKids app with enhanced functionality, adaptive user experience and a vast library of mixed media: licensed and original shows, games, podcasts and music. The app combines Sandbox’s existing children’s learning platforms including Hopster, Kidomi and Curious World.

PlayKids+ brings together a never-before-seen array of content with 1000+ videos and 150+ games from launch and regular new launches and seasonal favourites added throughout the year. The launch line-up includes animations like Talking Tom Shorts, Alphablocks, Numberblocks, Masha and the Bear and more. 

Kids generated podcasts, a brand new type of content, are available on the app too, powered by Telmi, the educational, playful and safe kids podcasting platform. This innovative collaboration enables PlayKids+ to support young voices and spark creativity among young users, allowing them to enjoy and create podcasts, while offering them the opportunity to be featured on the new app. 

Content displayed in PlayKids+ adjusts based on the child’s age to make sure kids only ever see shows and games that are age-appropriate and reflect their learning stage. For the youngest users, content selection is based around little one’s favourite characters – like Peppa Pig and Fireman Sam – and for older children the app displays text and allows for content search. To combat binge-watching, through an age-gated grown ups section parents can also control their little ones’ screen-time.

Developed with B2B partnerships in mind, PlayKids+ was designed to bring simplicity of execution for service providers and telcos. As the first modular kids app, it addresses an unprecedented scale of young families’ growing needs and offers them better value compared to traditional PayTV services or specialist Kids apps. In the quarter leading to the holidays Sandbox is collaborating with historic Telco partners Sky, TIM, Vivo and Claro in Brazil to bring the one-of-a-kind new app to the telcos’ users. 

Miki Chojnacka, General Director at Sandbox Kids says of the launch of PlayKids+: “This new product is something we’ve been dreaming up for a while: bringing together highly engaging content for kids in a magical place that is supported by solid technology.  PlayKids+ brings together innovation and simplicity and addresses a number of needs for young families. It is a quality, safe educational app that stays relevant throughout childhood and that parents can trust.”

SKY, the digital content platform offering pay-TV by satellite, streaming and broadband in Brazil, has been offering PlayKids as an additional service to its packages for over 3 years. André Ribeiro, Vice President of Marketing and Product at SKY Brazil commented: “We’re delighted to offer the PlayKids+ new experience to our Broadband and TV customers – allowing kids to enjoy quality and safe screen time on all screens, and therefore increasing the value of the services we offer our customers.”

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