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Russia’s SMF Studio partners with Europe’s leading ESL platform for kids in the launch of its international online summer camp

Russia’s SMF Studio partners with Europe’s leading ESL platform for kids in the launch of its international online summer camp

Novakid, Europe’s #1 ESL platform for children, has launched its Easy Breezy Novakid Virtual Camp where young participants can find exciting English lessons, useful workshops and masterpieces of world animation to improve their English language skills in an entertaining and engaging way.  All of the activities are available for free at 

Each of the camp’s seven weeks is dedicated to a different theme: hobbies, music, sports, culinary skills, professions, the world of animals, and travel. A new block of three lessons and three master classes is available weekly. The entertaining classes and native speaking teachers will help the participants fall in love with English and improve their knowledge of it.

In the camp’s workshops, participants will explore new drawing techniques, make useful crafts and toys, carry out mini-experiments and even try their hand at culinary skills. The most active Easy Breezy students will receive prizes. Watch cartoons, make crafts, take fun lessons and get gifts for doing it? It’s as easy as pie!

A special part of the program has been developed together with the legendary Russian animation house – SMF Studio (Soyuzmultfilm), which celebrates its 85th anniversary this year. Selected episodes of their animated series “Monsikids”, “Orange Moo-Cow”, “The Secrets of Honey Hills”, “Squared Zebra” and “The Adventures of Peter & Wolf” will be available starting from July 26th. All of the cartoons are dubbed into English with subtitles. The cheerful square zebra, Polly,  will teach children to stay true to themselves in any situation. The stars of “Orange Moo-Cow” and “Monsikids” will show kids the importance of friendship, courtesy, and helping one another. Young viewers will also explore a parallel universe with the fidgety Peter and his friend Wolf, as well as practice logical thinking together with brave detectives Chirp the Squirrel and Sophie the Owl.

“Easy Breezy is not just a name, but also the real motto of our summer creative activity for children. Perhaps vacations and learning may seem incompatible to someone at first glance, but Easy Breezy will prove that this need not be the case. Our main goal is to captivate children with the English language and show all the advantages that it opens up in life. We are sure that the combination of the original format of the classes, the special topics and the animation hits will work together to make kids learn English with love,” explains Novakid founder Maxim Azarov.

“We are happy to be associated with Novakid – a unique platform that is uniting kids from all over the world and helping them learn English in an entertaining way. It’s an honour for us to participate in the camp and to share our edutainment series. We hope our shows will not only be fun for kids, but help them improve their language and social skills so our future generation can develop into the best they can be,” remarked Vladimir Chibisov, Commercial Director of SMF studio.

The Easy Breezy Virtual Camp will run until August 29th. All activities are free of charge. Check out the full program at

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