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Reebok’s new line-up of e-bikes and e-scooters

Reebok’s new line-up of e-bikes and e-scooters

Reebok’s new range of e-mobility products have broken cover in a new catalogue, with e-bikes, e-scooters and accessories all included in the line-up.

Famous for its range of shoes and clothing, the historic sports brand officially launched its e-mobility wing at ISPO Munich in December and Asia Kingston has received a five-year license for the products, which it will manufacture. Reebok will join a number of other high-profile brands in the Hong Kong-based company’s portfolio, including Red Bull Racing, Alfa Romeo, NASA and Rover.

Designed in Europe, the new e-mobility products have emerged in a catalogue on Asia Kingston’s website and are split into what Reebok describes as ‘performance’, ‘fitness’, ‘commuter’ and ‘freetime’ categories.

Looking beyond just e-bikes, Reebok has also included a selection of e-scooters in the range. In a dizzying array of choices, its line-up boasts the Urban Sport, Urban Classic Street, Urban Pro Speed and two variations of the Hybrid.

A range of helmets completes the new range, although some of these are more generalised helmets that could be used on any type of bike. Matching up to the e-bike categories, each of the different disciplines has its own helmet, including the road, mountain biking, scooter, and a selection of commuter-friendly options.

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