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Bioworld and Disney Travel in Style with Agreement

Bioworld and Disney Travel in Style with Agreement

Bioworld and Disney announce their upcoming brand new luggage line, with the first piece featuring the iconic Mickey Mouse ears recognized world wide. The luggage bags from Bioworld, pop-culture product experts, will go on sale at the beginning of March. 

Micahel Nolan, SVP at Bioworld who runs this initiative (which is a new and expanding one for the company), added a few comments:

  • What caused BW to proceed into the travel and luggage categories?

Covid decimated the travel industry in 2020. As the world began to open in 2021 we knew that there was opportunity in the Travel category. People were beginning to travel in planes, trains and cars. We also knew that key luggage makers had exited the business during the pandemic.. We knew it was a historic moment in time where demand was ramping up and supply was falling. Bioworld was well positioned to dominate in the travel sector as our business and footprint in the market had grown steadily through Covid. We invested in growth as most companies pulled back. It all came together.

  • How was Bioworld an early adopter into this category?

Bioworld was in the luggage business prior to Covid. We had the technical knowledge as well as excellent sourcing. But luggage was part of our bag division. We built a “travel” division with a distinct focus on licensed and branded travel goods. Our vision was to incorporate technical features and innovation into an area of luggage that was previously quite basic.

  • Where do you see this category going in the next 18-24 months

We see significant growth in the travel sector in the coming 24 months. The nature of travel has morphed into adventure and personal growth from business and traditional trips. Consumer expectations in travel have ratcheted up in features, colors, shape and use.  This means the appetite for new luggage and travel accessories continues to grow.

  • How does Bioworld leverage its existing global infrastructure when launching whitespace initiatives?

Bioworld has a very significant global footprint. We have built it to become qualitatively first to market. Bioworld embraces speed only when product quality is assured at a very high level. We install in-house testing facilities in our luggage factories. Travel products must stand up to the rigors of all kinds of extreme handling.

  • Your products are known for innovation and quality.  What’s the driving force behind that?

Bioworld lives and breathes innovation. And we see quality as innovation. Quality of product, quality of use , quality of ease etc. Our mantra of innovative intent creates organic market growth as we consistently solve consumer’s needs.

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