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POCKET.WATCH PREMIERES “SMILES & SMARTS” ENRICHMENT CONTENT PACKAGE ON HULU, has announced the expansion of its successful partnership with Hulu. “Smiles and Smarts,” a collection of 100 short-form enrichment-themed learning videos, starring nine of’s creator partners, including JillianTubeHD, EvanTubeHD, Karina Garcia, Onyx Family, KidCity, and others, is now available on the popular streaming service. Curated by specifically for premium streaming services, the collection was developed to meet the growing demand of kids at home and to help parents who are looking for enriching content for their families.’s presence on Hulu has tripled since 2018, with over 250 episodes of content now live on the platform.

“The demand for kids and family content continues to grow as families explore options to keep kids engaged and entertained in the summer months,” said Thanda Belker, senior vice president of global distribution at “Through’s expansive content library and our ongoing ability to produce original content during the pandemic, we’re able to create premium collections of content that can be distributed to kids and families through broadcast and streaming platforms all over the world.” 

The Smiles & Smarts collection features a variety of family and educational-focused content encouraging imagination and experimentation, teaching social and developmental skills and crafts, and activity-based learning. Programming from channels includes: 

  • EvanTubeHD (10 episodes) – Join in the fun with EvanTubeHD, his sister JillianTubeHD and the whole Tube family as they experiment and learn together. 
  • HobbyKidsTV (13 episodes) – Enter the HobbyScience Lab and go on adventures with HobbyKidsTV as they learn about volcanoes and sharks!
  • Jason Vlogs (11 episodes) – Jason and his brother Alex, have fun while learning real-world skills and habits. 
  • JillianTubeHD (12 episodes) – Create and make with JillianTubeHD while she takes you through at home crafts and DIY projects. 
  • Karina Garcia (11 episodes) – The internet’s most famous crafter shares her tips and tricks for crafts, DIY projects  of course, all things slime! 
  • KidCity (10 episodes) – Join the KidCity family with Little Flash, Ava, DadCity, and MomCity as they take on challenges, DIY projects, play games, and more! 
  • MarMar Land (12 episodes) – Welcome to MarMar land! Marlin Chan AKA MarMar teaches preschoolers practical life skills in a playful, engaging way with help from friends like Ryan from Ryan’s World and Guava Juice. 
  • Onyx Family (10 episodes) – Onyx kids, Shiloh, Shasha, Sinead, and Shalom invite families to play and learn together through DIY experiments, challenges and more. 
  • Scratch Garden (11 episodes) – The animated world of Scratch Garden invites young minds to laugh, learn, and sing alo also premiered Season 1 of “Jillian’s Mystery Craft Box” on Hulu in early July. The series co-stars Craft Queen Karina Garcia who puts Jillian’s DIY-fortitude to the test. In each episode, Jillian must create an exciting and unique craft using only the items given to her in a mystery box. With the help of her adorable animated crafting buddies, Jillian demonstrates there is always a crafty solution to any problem. Garcia serves an Executive Producer on the series and will share snippets of content from the show directly with her 10 million fans across YouTube, Instagram and Facebook. Garcia’s manager Adam Krasner as Co-Executive Producer on the series.

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