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Novel teams with Puzzle Post for Horrid Henry games

Novel teams with Puzzle Post for Horrid Henry games

Novel Entertainment has partnered with Puzzle Post, founded by Bobbie Jackson and Will Hall, to develop two Horrid Henry escape room-inspired puzzles filled with frivolous fun, cool challenges and rich rewards!

Each game from the leading puzzle creator includes eight intriguing puzzles to set up and solve at home and once they have the answers and the secret code, the intrepid players will be rewarded with exclusive Horrid Henry content and a downloadable certificate to keep.

Confiscation Cupboard Chaos is a fun and cryptic game that immerses the player in Henry’s world, one of dastardly detentions and mega mischiefs.  Miss Battle-Axe has confiscated Henry’s most favourite yoyo ever (again!), so the challenge is to retrieve Henry’s Special Spinner when Miss Oddbod has seriously stepped up security and now there’s a whole set of puzzles that the player must solve in order to get into the cupboard.

Music Mystery Mayhem dives straight in with a challenge that’s closer to home; Mum has hidden Henry’s Killer Boy Rats concert tickets in a bid to get him to do his household chores, so he needs the player’s help to get them done so everyone can get to the concert on time!

Novel Entertainment’s Co-Founder Mike Watts said: “Henry is known for the ingenious plotting and comic challenges that lend themselves perfectly to the concept and game play of an escape room game. Puzzle Post is the leading player in this field and they have created some innovative and exciting new games that can be enjoyed by the whole family.”

Bobbie Jackson, Co-Founder at Puzzle Post adds: “Henry’s infectious energy and love for mischief perfectly complement our dedication to delivering immersive and unforgettable gaming experiences. We’ve loved getting lost in Henry’s world and creating something new and original for fans to enjoy.”

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