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Nelvana to Develop Movies from Trapped in a Video Game

Nelvana to Develop Movies from Trapped in a Video Game

Nelvana is collaborating with Andrews McMeel Entertainment to develop Trapped in a Video Game, a series of films based on the beloved book series. The stories, created and written by Dustin Brady, have already captivated children around the world, and boast a fan base that will fuel the success of the upcoming movies.

“The energetic, edge-of-your-seat adventures that Dustin Brady has created aligns so well with Nelvana’s brand of world class storytelling,” said Athena Georgaklis, Vice President of Nelvana Studios. “Books have the power to transcend pages, and when those stories are extended to new platforms, we can give fans another way to experience their favourite characters. It’s a pleasure working with Andrews McMeel Entertainment to build upon the Trapped in a Video Game fandom.”

While development is underway on the first movie, Nelvana and Andrews McMeel Entertainment are looking for international partners. 

Getting sucked into a video game is not as much fun as you’d think. Sure, there are jetpacks, hover tanks, and infinite lives, but what happens when the game starts to turn on you? In the bestselling book series, 12-year-old Jesse Rigsby finds out just how dangerous video games – and the people making those games – can be. The film series will deliver the non-stop action, huge plot twists and tons of humour that fans know and love from the books. 

“Dustin Brady enthralled readers with the first Trapped in a Video Game, and fans have eagerly anticipated (and subsequently delighted in) each book that followed,” said Matt Sheppo, Head of Development at Andrews McMeel Entertainment. “The vibrant and imaginative adventures lend themselves perfectly to screens, and we’re confident viewers will be just as thrilled with each film. Nelvana is an ideal partner to bring the popular series to life.”

The first installment of the five-book series was released in 2018, and the complete series has sold nearly 2.5 million copies worldwide. The books are published by Andrews McMeel Publishing. Andrews McMeel Entertainment is represented by Independent Artist Group (IAG).

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