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Moose Toys Announces New ‘Despicable Me’ Toy Line

Moose Toys Announces New ‘Despicable Me’ Toy Line


Moose Toys, a leading product and marketing innovator in the toy industry, in collaboration with Universal Products & Experiences, is bringing the biggest global animated franchise in history, Illumination’s Despicable Me, to shelves today. The extensive and innovation-infused line of action figures, playsets, roleplay and collectibles — as well as co-branded toys, including Moose’s Heroes of Goo Jit Zu — will range in price from £2.99 to £32.99 in the UK. The toy line is available ahead of the theatrical release of Illumination’s Despicable Me 4 on July 3, 2024.

“There are a number of ‘firsts’ in this new line that are sure to amuse and entertain fans of all ages.” The melding of the innate subversive humor, friendship, and fun, that is embedded into the DNA of Illumination’s Despicable Me brand, paired with our Moose innovation, is sure to enhance the playtime experience,” said Joe Smith, vice president of global and U.S. marketing, licensed brands. “From enhanced versions of iconic favorites, like the Ultimate Fart Blaster – which now comes with scented, visible fart rings with a range of six feet — to the introduction of Mega Minions and all-new dressed-to-impress Anti-Villain League (AVL) Minions, these toys will further endear the beloved characters to their legions of fans.”

As master toy licensee, Moose Toys has brought to life many of Illumination’s most popular Minions, as well as new Minions, in never-before-seen formats for fans to get acquainted, or reacquainted, with these globally adored characters ahead of Despicable Me 4’s release. In true Moose fashion, the extensive Despicable Me 4 line includes playsets, collectibles, action figures and more:  

Despicable Me 4 – The Ultimate Fart Blaster

The Ultimate Fart Blaster, a 14-inch-long fart-making weapon of “gas” destruction. The fart blaster has always been a fan favorite, but this is the first time that it has lights, fart sounds AND shoots scented fart rings that travel up to six feet away. The blaster comes loaded with two “fart formulas” that produce the rings with either the good smell of banana, or the bad smell of, well, farts. To keep the fun going, each bottle of fart formula produces up to 5,000 fart rings and blasts. MSRP: £29.99

Despicable Me 4 Mini Fart Blaster

The Minion-inspired Mini Fart Blaster will have guests wondering “who farted?” thanks to the realistic fart sounds it makes. The fun and giggles are all in the delivery from this mini blaster that delivers big laughs. MSRP: £12.99

Despicable Me 4 Transformation Chamber

In with a Minion; out with a Mega-Minion with the Transformation Chamber playset. For the first time ever, a Minion has been reimagined in a mega form, and in the playset, it’s fan favorite Jerry taking the honor. To get to the “Mega” reveal, first load a AVL agent version of Jerry and his accessory rock into the chamber’s hatch. Turn the levers just like Mr. Ramsbottom and hear Jerry being transformed within. The chamber doors open to reveal a five-and-a-half-inch mega Jerry figure with a rock textured body within the inner AVL playset. Level up the play by inserting discs in Jerry’s mouth that he’ll spit at a variety of targets located throughout the playset; hit the yellow target to release agent Jerry and his rock and head over to the playset’s slide to keep the fun going. Additional Mega Minion action figures can be purchased separately to continue the playset fun. MSRP: £32.99

Despicable Me 4 Mega Minions Action Figures

Minions go Mega with four-inch versions of fan favorites, Dave, Tim, Gus and Mel. The Mega Minions are ready for action as each includes an accessory that allows them to exercise their power, just like in the movie. Mega Dave comes with an attachable smoke cloud that propels him forward when released. Mega Mel comes armed with a projectile that is pushed into his one eye that he aims at a trash can; a direct hit reveals a badger hiding inside. Mega Tim has tornado arms to smash and break through the included barrier, or anything in his way, and Mega Gus launches from his display stand. These oversized Minions are sure to deliver mega fun and laughs. MSRP: £9.99

Despicable Me 4 Stretchy Figures

Despicable Me Minions Dave and Tim have joined the licensed line of Heroes of Goo Jit Zu figures, and they are ooey and goo-ier than ever. These two fan favorites ooze with bendy, squishy, fun, and while they’re already in their Mega Minion form, they go even more mega by stretching up to three times in size — always coming back to their original shape and size. Muscle bound Mega Dave is filled with squishy water beads. Appropriately, Mega Tim, with his capsule-shape elongated body, has a glucose gel. The duo are stand-out stars in the highly anticipated Despicable Me 4 movie in the popular franchise. Fans will be amazed by how these new Heroes of Goo Jit Zu Mega Minions “stretch” their star power into everyday play. MSRP: £13.99

Despicable Me 4 Mini Mayhem Figures

Mini Mayhem Figures is a cast of 20 two-inch collectible characters from the upcoming Despicable Me 4 movie that arrive in a single- or a themed four-packs, including “Heist,” “Party Bus” and “AVL.” Core fan favorite and new figures strike movie moment poses and include fan favorites Gru, Mel and Jerry, among others. Rare figures include Mega Dave, Heist Gru and AVL Tim, each with a special tactile feature of squishy, stretchy, or weighted. The ultra-rare figures special features include Mega Jerry, rattle Party Minion and projectile Mega Tim. Kids can create scenes from the movie or imagine new mayhem to create their own sequel and act out the scenes. MSRP: Single Pack (£2.99); Four Pack (£9.99)

Despicable Me 4 AVL Deluxe Minions

AVL Deluxe Minions Mel and Dave are on the job sporting their AVL suits with unique detailing. Like their onscreen counterparts, these two are ready to defeat their foe Maxime le Mal. Each Minion comes with two recognizable accessories. Mel has a grappling hook and goggles, while Dave has a blaster and AVL coffee mug. Measuring more than 5-inches-tall these oversized Minions feature glass eyes and 10 points of articulation, including at the shoulders, elbows, hands, waist, and feet. Encased in exclusive premium packaging, it is ideal for keeping the product pristine and display-ready for the legions of collectors of the iconic yellow fellows. MSRP: £21.99

The Despicable Me 4 line is available now at major retailers nationwide. For more information on the new collection and more from the superhappy world of Moose Toys, visit

About Despicable Me 4 

In Despicable Me 4, the first Despicable Me movie in seven years, Gru, the world’s favourite supervillain-turned-Anti-Villain League-agent, returns for an exciting, bold new era of Minions mayhem as Gru (Oscar® nominee Steve Carrell) and Lucy (Oscar® nominee Kristen Wiig) and their girls —Margo (Miranda Cosgrove), Edith (Dana Gaier) and Agnes (Madison Polan)—welcome a new member to the Gru family, Gru Jr., who is intent on tormenting his dad. 
Gru faces a new nemesis in Maxime Le Mal (Emmy winner Will Ferrell) and his femme fatale girlfriend Valentina (Emmy nominee Sofia Vergara), and the family is forced to go on the run. 
The film features fresh new characters voiced by Joey King (Bullet Train), Emmy winner Stephen Colbert (The Late Show with Stephen Colbert) and Chloe Fineman (Saturday Night Live). Pierre Coffin returns as the iconic voice of the Minions and Oscar® nominee Steve Coogan returns as Silas Ramsbottom. 
Packed with non-stop action and filled with Illumination’s signature subversive humour, Despicable Me 4 is directed by a co-creator of the Minions, Oscar® nominee Chris Renaud (Despicable Me, The Secret Life of Pets), and is produced by Illumination’s visionary founder and CEO Chris Meledandri and by Brett Hoffman (executive producer, The Super Mario Bros. Movie and Minions: The Rise of Gru). The film is co-directed by Patrick Delage (animation director Sing 2 and The Secret Life of Pets 2), and the screenplay is by the Emmy winning creator of White Lotus, Mike White, and the veteran writer of every Despicable Me film, Ken Daurio. 

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