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Moonbug Entertainment Launches Officially in Taiwan

Moonbug Entertainment Launches Officially in Taiwan

The next-generation global children’s entertainment company, “Moonbug,” boasts numerous popular brands, including “CoComelon,” with over 299 million fans worldwide and over 4 billion average monthly views globally (YouTube), and “Blippi,” which has become a worldwide sensation with more than one billion monthly views across platforms. Today both brands confirmed their commitment to guiding preschool children in developing essential life skills and fostering positive emotional awareness and values through songs and play. Recognizing the diverse co-learning needs in parenting in Taiwan, Moonbug sees Taiwan as the next destination in Asia. Through a strategic partnership with Taiwan Mobile, Moonbug integrates resources from Taiwan Mobile, including MyVideo, momokids, and the Fubon group’s With comprehensive online and offline resources, Moonbug aims to enrich Taiwan’s children’s television landscape with high-quality and enriching content, setting a new milestone in children’s entertainment.

Co-founder and CEO of Moonbug Entertainment, René Rechtman, stated: “As a next-generation global children’s entertainment company, Moonbug is committed to providing educational and entertaining content that inspires children of different ages to learn, and grow, while fostering closer and more joyful relationships between children and parents through co-learning. We are honored to strategically collaborate with Taiwan Mobile this time and engage in comprehensive partnerships with its OTT platform “MyVideo,” children’s channel “momokids,” and e-commerce platform ”” We firmly believe that through the collective strength of these partnerships and a shared commitment to children’s education, we will bring a fresh atmosphere to children’s entertainment in Taiwan, allowing every family to learn together with joy.”

Vice President of New Media of Taiwan Mobile, Daphne Lee, stated, ” In addition to long-term investment in supporting local original dramas, Taiwan Mobile has also recognized the significant influence of children’s audiovisual content on the growth, development, and education of future generations of future generations. We are pleased to collaborate with Moonbug, a globally renowned entertainment company loved by millions of children worldwide. The first wave of cooperation to introduce the traditional Chinese version of high-quality and enriching series content. This collaboration enables Taiwanese families to fully experience the charm of Moonbug’s audiovisual offerings. Furthermore, there are more collaborations in IP development, content co-production, and live events on the horizon. Providing diverse audiovisual content to meet the different viewing experiences of consumers.”

Moonbug Introduces Over 25 Well-Known IPs and Nearly 3,500 Episodes of Exciting Content

Integrating Three Major Business Entities Online and Offline – MyVideo, momokid, and, Opening a New Era of Parenting for Parents.

Moonbug boasts numerous popular brands, with efforts from education experts and professional teams dedicated to creating entertaining and enriching content. This content is accessible on over 150 video platforms worldwide, allowing parents to select suitable content based on educational needs without constraints of location or time. Moreover, through music, live events, merchandise, etc., the stories are seamlessly integrated into daily life, helping children in effortlessly translating knowledge into action and bringing the joy of the characters and storylines to their own homes.

To provide the Taiwanese audience with the most diverse content, Moonbug is introducing over 25 well-known IPs, covering nearly 3,500 episodes of exciting content. From now on, Moonbug is launching a 24/7 channel on “MyVideo,” exclusively featuring more than 330 episodes of traditional Chinese version, 150 hours of English language and non-dialogue format, with monthly compilation updates. “momokids” will broadcast a 2.5-hour carousel program every Monday to Friday, featuring popular shows such as “CoComelon,” “Blippi,” “Little Angel,” and “Morphle.” Additionally, there are merchandise items from “CoComelon,” ranging from the popular Goodnight JJ dolls and interactive bath toys to aids for children’s learning, such as writing and drawing mats and playing mats. These products aim to make parenting time full of warm interaction and are officially authorized for sale on “”.

Attention Little Fans! Global Sensation with Over 299 Million Fans, Popular IP “CoComelon,” Shines on Stage

Parenting Ally! Through Songs, Magical Adventures, and Meaningful Stories, Help Little Ones to Laugh, Learn and Grow. 

In the era of information explosion, while online parenting information is abundant, there still exists a gap in understanding between children and adults. This presents parents with various communication challenges when addressing the educational needs of children of different age groups. “Moonbug” provides parents and children with a common language through meaningful story content and easy-to-remember musical rhymes, which incorporate elements of role-playing, allowing children to easily apply the experiences from the stories to their own lives. For this debut, the big stars in the minds of children are specially selected, including “CoComelon”, “Blippi”, “Little Angel” and “Morphle,” to help children develop a comprehensive and complete understanding from different perspectives.

n   CoComelon: By reimagining classic nursery rhymes and familiar stories with original songs, CoComelon helps children develop essential life skills. Available in more than 20 languages globally, CoComelon boasts more than 299 million fans globally and achieves a remarkable 4 billion monthly views (YouTube), making it a top choice for family entertainment. The series, centered around the daily interactions of protagonist JJ, his family, and friends, guides children of different age groups in learning basics such as letters, numbers, animal sounds, colors, and more. It provides parents with opportunities for shared play and growth with their children, fostering a warm atmosphere for parent-child interaction and witnessing the precious moments of a child’s development.

n   Blippi: The main character, Blippi, always wears suspenders and his signature orange glasses. He loves singing, and dancing, and has an adventurous spirit. Blippi always explores museums, amusement parks, and other places with his friends, enthusiastically experiencing the magical world. Beloved by children worldwide, Blippi’s adventure stories are available in over 20 languages and receive an average of 1 billion views per month globally( YouTube). Blippi inspires children’s curiosity through captivating storylines and rich learning elements, treating each adventure as a journey for children’s growth. He inspires their desire to explore the world in a fun way, nurturing their confidence and curiosity along the way.

n   Little Angel: Little Angel explores the perfectly imperfect world of toddlerhood through learning, curiosity, and play. The brand, available in over 20 languages, boasts 132 million subscribers across all Little Angel YouTube channels and ranks as the fifth most popular children’s series on well-known streaming platforms. Through brisk melodies and interesting stories, it helps children learn essential life skills such as expressing emotions and establishing values. Join protagonists John, Jack, Jill, and their family as they explore the world, building confidence and thinking positively with every adventure. With Little Angel by their side, life is never dull!

n   Morphle: The show follows the adventures of Mila and her shapeshifting pet, Morphle, who can transform into anything Mila wishes. Together, they rescue the community of Petport from the chaos caused by mischievous pets, envious bandits, and inventions gone awry. Through fantasy scenes and plots, children can experience unique adventures and learn important values such as friendship and teamwork through the sincere bond between Mila and Morphle, and inspire positive traits such as bravery and helpfulness. Let’s join the magical world of Morphle now and embark on an enjoyable adventure journey.

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