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Moonbug and Roshambo Baby Team Up to Distribute Blippi Eyewear

Moonbug and Roshambo Baby Team Up to Distribute Blippi Eyewear

Roshambo Baby, Inc., a leading manufacturer of children’s eyewear, has announced the launch of a new line of eyewear for the bespectacled kids entertainment sensation Blippi, in partnership with leading children’s entertainment company Moonbug. Blippi is a live-action program that has struck a chord with parents and kids around the world through its engaging, inspiring and accessible educational content—reaching more than half a billion average monthly views.

The new line of Blippi eyewear includes polarized sunglasses, blue light blocking “Screen Time Glasses,” and prescription glasses in three kids’ sizes: baby, toddler and big kids. Two adult sizes are also available in a matching color so the whole family can take part in the fun.

“Blippi is never without his iconic orange glasses and neither should his fans, so we are excited to unveil these new shades together with our partner Roshambo,” said Simon Philips, Senior In-House Advisor to Moonbug Entertainment. “Not only is this Blippi eyewear fun for the whole family, they were made to help children to protect their eyes by a brand that families can trust. We can’t wait to see what adventures families go on with their new Blippi eyewear.”

Blippi is a world-famous entertainer and educator, known for his fun blue and orange outfit with orange glasses and bowtie. In each episode, Blippi engages in fun activities, exploring museums, farms, zoos, playgrounds and countless other kid-friendly venues. Blippi has taught millions of kids about the world around them — his appeal lies in his infectious curiosity and the way he looks at the world. In the few years since the show was first created, Blippi has become one of the most popular YouTubers worldwide, with more than 200 million views per month, billions in total views across 139 countries and over 9.9 million dedicated followers. Blippi episodes are available on YouTube, Hulu, and Amazon Video, among other platforms.

“Our new partnership with Blippi is going to be a homerun. The iconic bright orange glasses of this fun and energetic character make it a natural fit for our fast-growing eyewear brand. Blippi’s interactive educational content resonates with both children and adults, making it the perfect match for Roshambo — a family company that makes eyewear for the entire family. We are all moms and dads here, and most of us have young kids that were already Blippi super fans, so we get the added benefit of looking like rock stars to our kids since we ‘know Blippi’ now!” said Rob Gibbons, COO of Roshambo Baby, Inc.

Roshambo Baby, Inc. CEO and Co-Founder, Scott Morris added, “Our unique bendable, flexible frame design and polarized lenses provide a safe and practical option at a reasonable price point for kids and adults wanting to look like Blippi. We are all about helping little ones learn how to protect their eyes while enjoying outdoor adventures and summertime fun…something Blippi is an expert at!”

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