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Meg Hawkins Licensed by SDL Imports

Meg Hawkins Licensed by SDL Imports

“Sometimes it can feel like everything takes an eternity in the Licensing world! Yet when it all comes together, it’s well worth the wait,” comments Meg Hawkins. “In Jan 2020 we exhibited at the Giving & Living trade show in Exeter for the first time. This is where we met the wonderful Mike & Diana from SDL Imports. We normally exhibit in the midlands and further north, so it was really interesting to find out what products are desirable further south and in a coastal environment. This is where SDL has it covered, they have everything you find in a gift shop on the seafront! Mike approached us about using our images with the idea of working on something together. Obviously excited at the prospect we discussed it more. A few weeks later we had drawn up a licensing contract, which added our images to their range of wooden products from coat hooks, boxes and key boxes.  It was all go go go… BUT then the dreaded pandemic hit us and them hard. We thought at the time it may have to wait until everything settled down, but I don’t think any of us anticipated just how long that would be.After the another lockdown was lifted, I had a lovely email from Diana saying “We’re on!” It was all on again and they started the sampling process. Now over 18months later, despite the Covid pandemic and the knock on effects of the Suez Canal blockage. It’s here and looking lovely. We’ve just had our first order through and can’t wait to showcase in our shop and online.”
Diana says: 
“We are absolutely delighted with our new Natural World by Meg Hawkins range.   Meg’s designs look wonderful on our products – so eye-catching! The stock only arrived last week but we are already receiving repeat orders from happy customers.  It looks like they are proving to be a hit with the public.”

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