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Masha and the Bear Strengthens Licensing Performance in Italy 

Masha and the Bear Strengthens Licensing Performance in Italy 

Animaccord, the international entertainment company and studio behind the worldwide popular animated property, Masha and the Bear, together with its local agent Maurizio Distefano Licensing, continue expanding the brand presence in Italy – the first country outside the home market where the cartoon became an evergreen success.

According to the international research agency Parrot Analytics, Masha and the Bear heads the list of the most in-demand kids’ shows in both Italy and worldwide.

Given the proved success of the Masha and the Bear among the audience, the local market continues demonstrating a high demand for the licensed consumer products. Thus, collaboration with Bauli, a prominent Italian bakery brand with over a century of history, has seen a significant growth in Easter Chocolate Eggs sell-out over the last two years. Building on this fruitful performance, Bauli are set to introduce new baked products such as Mini Pandoro (Pandorino), Mini Panettone (Panettoncino), and Mini Colomba (Colombina) for upcoming festive seasons like Christmas’23 and Easter’24 in Italy. 

Zaini continues to captivate fans with its Masha and the Bear products, featuring chocolate eggs with 3D and 2D toy surprises, rings, and stickers. As part of the lineup, Zaini offers the festive epiphany socks, adding a celebratory touch to the holiday season on January 6.

Casa Modena’s collaboration introduces the hamburger Teneroni featuring Masha and the Bear on the package as well as has been supported by a local Italian celebrity’s TV campaign and extensive social media promotion. 

In Media, Masha and the Bear’s content including core seasons 1-5 as well as spin-offs Masha’s Tales, Masha’s Spooky Stories and Nursery Rhymes spans various platforms in Italy. From conventional TV channels like Rai YoYo and DEA Junior to modern streaming platforms such as TIM Vision, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and YouTube, the brand ensures its stories reach audiences through diverse channels. Notably, Masha and the Bear’s official Italian YouTube channel boasts over 5 million subscribers and 2 billion views – a metric equivalent to each person in Italy watching 33 episodes of the show.

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