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Lindrizia AB appoints Rights & Brands as worldwide agent for Maxi & Helium

Lindrizia AB appoints Rights & Brands as worldwide agent for Maxi & Helium

Lindrizia AB, owner of the esteemed Maxi and Helium brand, is now taking a decisive step in its international expansion by partnering with acclaimed licensing agency Rights & Brands AB.Maxi & Helium, original Nordic title “Musse & Helium”, has already had a huge impact on the lives of children across the Nordics with over 3 million books sold – the fastest-growing children’s book series ever in Sweden and Norway. Supported by its strong core values, the brand is now ready to make an even bigger difference globally by appointing Rights & Brands as its master agent for merchandising rights. Rights & Brands is one of the top licensing agencies in the world, specializing in bringing Scandinavian brands to a global arena.Maxi & Helium is more than just a successful fantasy-book series – it’s a 360-degree concept that extends from literature to music, games and performances. It’s about conveying positive and empowering messages to children all over the world. The concept is based on the universal values of friendship, collaboration, and innovation, which permeate everything around the brand.By creating meaningful, magical and exciting stories and experiences, Maxi & Helium strives to positively influence children’s development, strengthen their self-esteem, and help them appreciate the world around them. By reaching a wider audience, they can inspire and influence more children and create a positive change in the world.”The choice to collaborate with Rights & Brands AB was a natural development for us,” says Camilla Brinck and Maxim Kalmér, founders of Lindrizia AB. ”They have solid backgrounds and proven success within licensing, and their professionalism and extensive network will be invaluable to our future growth and expansion. We look forward to working closely with Rights & Brands AB to continue developing Maxi & Helium and spreading its core values. Through this partnership, we hope to reach more children around the world and really make a difference.””We are incredibly proud and excited to represent Maxi & Helium as a master agent.” says Kristin Tjulander, Nordic Commercial Director at Rights & Brands. ”Maxi & Helium is a rarely-seen success and the stories have created a universe that belongs in children’s everyday life. We look forward to working with Lindrizia on creating a quality licensing program, in the Nordics and internationally.”The Maxi & Helium books have sold for more than 200 million SEK in the Nordics so far and the characters have also become a musical sensation with their album released by Warner Music. In addition, a new music show will be launched during the summer and the books will soon be available in more European countries.

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