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License Connection Celebrates 20th Anniversary

License Connection Celebrates 20th Anniversary

April 2022 officially marks License Connection’s 20th Anniversary. Where it started with only a ticket to New York for the Licensing Show, License Connection has evolved into a dedicated Licensing Agency with strong relationships and is very well-known in the Licensing Industry.

Next to connecting brands to their partners, retail to copyright owners and involving all suitable partners, License Connection creates extraordinary concepts and opportunities. All this to represent brands in the most effective way with a personal touch and a commercial purpose. Being involved and with the necessary creativity, License Connection searches for interesting possibilities that offer value and gain profit for all partners.

A lot has changed in the past 20 years, where a brand was mainly linear TV focused, it is moving more and more to digital TV where kids choose the program themselves. The retail landscape is shifting from Brick & Mortar to e-Commerce. Brands are not just driven by the TV Series, but also exist from Toy Lines, Games or Designs. All this results in different approaches and processes during the last years.

“Together with our licensees, we are keeping up with these changes and adapt to this market. Our portfolio is a broad variety of brands and we considered it carefully. It has all elements from heritage to new, from kids brands to adult designs and publishing to digital brands. Our variety of brands cover a large target group. We build brands because we love it! It is our gut feeling. And we will keep on going to Connect!” says Daphne Kellerman, owner of License Connection.

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