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Jump into Hyperspace with Rubies Star Wars Young Jedi Adventures Inspired Dress-Up

Jump into Hyperspace with Rubies Star Wars Young Jedi Adventures Inspired Dress-Up

Building on their strong Star Wars™ portfolio growth, Rubies unveils its latest pre-school range for its successful collaboration with global powerhouse Star Wars; Young Jedi Adventures.

This exciting collection is designed to ignite the imagination of little ones, bringing the enchanting world of Star Wars to a younger generation. Young Jedi can now embark on epic adventures inspired by their favourite characters, including Kai Brightstar, Nubs, and Yoda.

The Star Wars Young Jedi Adventures dress-up is thoughtfully crafted to ensure both authenticity and comfort. The Kai Brightstar inspired costume showcases his daring spirit and Jedi robes, complete with a jumpsuit. The Nubs inspired costume captures the lovable fuzzy creature’s charm with its iconic design and printed details. The Yoda inspired costume transforms toddlers into the wise and revered Jedi Master, complete with Yoda’s distinctive robe and hood with ears.

“Following on from the phenomenal success of Spidey & His Amazing Friends, we are very excited to introduce the latest pre-school hit with our Star Wars Young Jedi Adventure inspired costume collection. With this epic series, we are anticipating a brand-new wave of new Star Wars fans,” said Fran Hales, Head of Portfolio at Rubies. “With these colourful and creative costumes, little ones can step into the shoes of their favourite characters, fostering imaginative play and forge a bond with a franchise we all know and love.”

Rubies Star Wars Young Jedi Adventures inspired costumes are available in a range of sizes, catering to toddlers of different ages. These costumes are perfect for Halloween, parties, or everyday intergalactic adventures.

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